Intercepted Call: Russian soldiers are running; Attack on Kharkiv is being planned

Posted on 08 June 2022



Some very interesting details (aside from moaning about his life) revealed in this call between an occupier from Kaliningrad and his mother. The occupier complains that his unit is not rotated from the combat zone and is not even granted leave. He is planning to write a report on his release since he refuses to continue remaining in the combat zone.

He also mentions Russia’s plans to apparently attack Kharkiv again, though with the morale as per his description it remains a mystery what Russian command really expects from such move. The soldier’s mother mentions reinforcement of the border with Poland in Kaliningrad – apparently due to a potential attack. We cannot confirm if such preparations are taking place.

The original video can be found under the transcript.


(R)=Russian soldier (M)=His mother


(M): Is that true, what Van’ka said?


(R): What?


(M): Regarding the contract, that you are going to break it?


(R): Yes, after all this crap, yes.


(M): What crap?


(R): Well… I’m planning to write a report on the 3rd, to refuse, to refuse staying here. The option here is that we’ll either be partially rotated or kept for another 3 months, perhaps longer.


(M): It’s martial law! *as in – he can’t just leave*


(R): I understand it’s martial law, but this constant shelling, all this gunfire, mortars, all this crap, it’s terrifying.


(M): You can’t sleep or what? Or psychological pressure?


(R): Well, you could say, psychological pressure.


(M): As I understand you may not be rotated completely, and you won’t come back fully yet, but at least they’ll give you 10-15 days to rest, just to get yourself together.


(R): Well… there will be no 10-15 days, if we return we’ll be be sent on a leave immediately, we won’t be coming here again, since our command doesn’t want to come here again “…” The commander said that the Kaliningrad forces won’t be coming here again.


(M): That is because they are entrenching at the border.


(R): Where? If only at the Baltic Sea.


(M): Yes. I’m telling you, in Kaliningrad they are reinforcing since there’s a border with Poland.


(R): I know.


(M): So wait until you are rotated, Igor. Of course, I really want you to come back and never go there again…


(R): I won’t go myself, next time I’ll just refuse if they say this stuff again, we properly…


(M): Well, don’t sign any papers anymore and that’s it.


(R): No, look, we’ve not been properly told that all this movement was starting, and we weren’t told we were going to Ukraine, we were just told “you are going on a military training to the grounds in Chekhov”. So we thought – alright, no worries. They said you have 40 minutes to load in, we loaded, I was so horrified, I had no idea what was going on, and then in the plane we were told we are going to Ukraine. I thought – “Fuck!” “…” We’re slagging off our commanders since they have lost the plot “…” Another info, I was told that if the 79th regiment comes here then we most likely together with them will advance on Kharkiv. The majority are refusing and trying to get the hell out of here on their own through the border, to Russia. Ten people have prepared a Ural truck to leave immediately on the truck and go towards Belgorod if some shit happens. They filled canisters with diesel, put them in a trunk, got ready. I spoke to them, they said they’ll pick me up on the way and I’ll get out with them “…” They’ll *authorities* consider it sabotage, we’ve had a guy, a Sergeant, who already got out of here, drove away on a car taken from Ukrainians. He crossed the border, gave up his assault rifle, armour, weapon, made it home and they cannot even start a case against him. It is considered sabotage but they can’t start any case since he has nothing going on behind him, no previous criminal case, nothing, so they can’t dig anything up.

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