Intercepted Call: Russian soldier is a “level 5 homeless”

Posted on 13 June 2022



The invaders who fled from Kyiv to the east, lost their fighting spirit and call themselves homeless. They can’t get used to having to live in trenches instead of the homes of wealthy Ukrainians.

In the new interception of the SBU, the tank commander, who is in Donetsk region with his unit, answers his wife’s questions about the fighting spirit. He is not enjoying his new forest accommodation especially since the mosquitos season started in Ukraine.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman


(R):F*cking sick of it now, really, everyone wants to go home, yet somehow they are not in a rush with this…


(W): That’s understandable… but in general, are the spirits high? Or not, anymore?


(R):Eh, no more… what spirits… everyone *unintelligible* of it…


(W): Definitely… Where are you then, in a forest, or somewhere in a city?


(R):In a forest as usual. We live like homeless, I’m a level 5 homeless now.


(W): Wait.. can’t hear anything, you’re breaking up.


(R):I’m saying I’m a level 5 homeless, we live in the streets… in the forest.


(W): Yeah?…How’s the weather? Any mosquitos yet?


(R):There are mosquitos, these bastards…


(W): They said that… there are ticks, mosquitos or something… “…” do you get any parcels?


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