Intercepted Call: Russian occupiers use labour force in Ukraine for digging trenches and “demining in a natural way”

Posted on 09 June 2022



The invaders are considering a way to “de-mine” Mariupol by releasing captured Ukrainians into minefields. To do this, they even came up with a new term: “demining in a natural way.” The SBU became aware of the horrible intentions of the invaders from an intercepted telephone conversation. It is claimed the discussion involves an FSB officer.

One invader assures the other that the plan has already been agreed with local collaborators who are acting as occupational authorities in Ukraine. The just need to think of a “process” to use the labour force to help rebuild Mariupol – for example to dig trenches where the captives would then sleep, or “demine” minefields in a “natural way”. The only question is where to keep them and how to feed them.

This call is another reminder to the Western powers that Ukraine urgently needs weapon supplies to liberate its territory from this inhuman plague.

The source can be found underneath the transcript.

(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man


(R1): Vadim?


(R2): Yes?


(R1): Good day. My call sign is Kaspiy, I am Tor’s colleague, hopefully you understand?


(R2): Yes, I do.


(R1): Right, could you please tell me where are you currently located?


(R2): I’m in Basan’.


(R1): Basan’, is that far from Tokmak?


(R2): About 30 kilometers.


(R1): Right. Could you please tell me on the phone, there was a discussion I think regarding helping you or the Mariupol city, or anyone else, in demining… in a “natural way”, or sending the detained from Melitopol somewhere into trenches.


(R2): No, no one has spoken to me about this, but it would be great.


(R1): Would be great… look, we agreed everything with the commandant.


(R2): Right.


(R1): So… Can we think of a process to get them somewhere, Tor said something that the initiative was coming from you… to use them to rebuild Mariupol or something.


(R2): Mariupol is possible, but I don’t know who’s going to be dealing with it, but honestly the workforce…


(R1): Do you need people?


(R2): Some workforce wouldn’t hurt but I don’t know yet where to keep them, we’ll come up with something on where to keep them, I’ll discuss this with my superiors…


(R1): They can dig trenches and sleep in them.


(R2): Yes, yes, like I said I’ll discuss with superiors where to keep them, how to feed them and so on, and then we’ll get in touch with you.


(R1): Right! So can you call this number, we already agreed this with out superiors, our superiors agreed it with the Oblast commandant…


(R2): Right.


(R1): So everyone is aware, the main thing is to find a process, to think of where to send them.


(R2): Ok, ok.


(R1): Don’t delay with this please, call me back today if possible.


(R2): Alright, I’ll discuss this today, and let you know “…” Are they… some of “ours”, or “theirs”?


(R1): In what sense ours or theirs?


(R2): The detained, are they ours, our those… the folks *Ukrainians*…


(R1): Well, blyat, locals!


(R2): Ah, right, the *local* folks.


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