Intercepted Call: Russian generals duping mothers

Posted on 29 June 2022



Russian generals enjoy a new business in the army – they’re taking money from parents to transfer soldiers to safer locations, then dumping them. Mentioned Perevalnoe (Ukr.: Pereval’ne) is located in Crimea, and it is claimed the soldier belongs to the 126th Coastal Defence Brigade. Recording provided by operativnoZSU telegram channel.


(R)=Russsian soldier (W)=His mother



(R): Hello, mum?


(W): Oh, hi son, hi my dear. How are you my dear?


(R): Alright… Tell me, did you go?


(W): Yes, I did, I met Yura, I gave him the money for Hasparian’s deputy, Hasparian promises for this money to transfer you to Perevalnoye. Finally you’ll be taken out of there, my God, I’m so happy…


(R): There’s… there’s three of us like that here, and nothing good is coming out of this…


(W): What? What are you talking about? How’s that?


(R): Nothing… no one is rotated, only sent to some *ss. Might “off” you there too.


(W): How’s it possible? They took so much money. It cannot be. I don’t believe, I don’t believe, you’ll be transferred certainly, son, please don’t say this, you’ll be transferred!


(R): F*ck no! One has already been sent like this…


(W): No! You’ll be transferred! They took my last money!!!


(R): Anyway! Enough, that’s it, come on.


(W): Son!


(R): *hangs up*

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