Intercepted Call: Russian army destroyed the DPR army battalion

Posted on 10 July 2022



Russian army smashed the DPR battalion in Donbas, as revealed in the intercepted call published by SBU. Two Russian soldiers are discussing the 2nd battalion of the 1st Corps of the DPR People’s Militia which fights as part of the Russian Armed Forces.

As it turns out, the DPR battalion was stationed near Berdyansk without payment and provisions.  After finding out about their dire situation wives of the fighters complained to the higher command, after which the battalion was transferred to the frontline, but remained inactive. After some time, the battalion decided to pull back but stumbled at a Russian unit which successfully destroyed it, though the scale of destruction is unclear.


(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man



(R1): Do you know about the second battalion?


(R2): No.


(R1): That they got into a scuffle, that they pulled the f*ck back, apparently?


(R2): No.


(R1): How they… you haven’t heard nothing?


(R2): No.


(R1): Not at all?


(R2): Mhm.


(R1): F*ck you’re retarded! *laughs* They wrote in this female “gang” *probably a Telegram group for wives or similar*, they wrote how the second battalion got smashed, and they pulled back.


(R2): Nah.


(R1): The boys were stationed somewhere near Bedyansk.


(R2): Mhm.


(R1): Weren’t getting paid, nothing, as I understood, they weren’t fed either. The women started an outrage, went to Komsomolskoye. Stumbled at Ural over there (?).


(R2): Ah, I know about this sh*t.


(R1): And then they *2nd battalion* were thrown somewhere to the front, they stayed there, stayed, quietly-quietly, then got sick of standing, started pulling back, looking for ways back. Stumbled at Russians and Russians f*cked them up. Imagine? Before they realised they were their own.


(R2): F*cking awesome…

(R1): That’s the army for you *laughs*. They were just yelling that they got under Ukrainian shelling and…


(R2): F*cking amazing.


(R1): That’s between us, don’t talk too much *laughs*

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