Intercepted Call: Russian and DPR patrols are allowed to fire at civilians

Posted on 06 June 2022



A little snippet of an intercepted call between Russian invaders indicates they are allowed to shoot civilians at checkpoints of the temporarily occupied Reichskommissariat Kherson.


This is evidenced from a conversation of two occupiers from the so-called DPR, intercepted by the SBU. They act as a patrol for the invaders in the temporarily occupied areas of Ukraine.


While the occupiers are dividing among themselves who will be the first to kill peaceful drivers on the road, Ukrainian defenders have destroyed more than 31,000 enemies in battle.


(R1)=Russian soldier (R2)=Russian soldier 2

(R1): What’s up!


(R2): What’s up?


(R1): So, how’s it going there?


(R2): Alright, some gunfire, but not too bad.


(R1): So, are you still sitting in your old position?


(R2): Of course!


(R1): “…” By the way, did they tell anything about the truck with apples?


(R2): About what?


(R1): About the vehicle with… apples, did they say anything?


(R2): They did, they did… I have an order to burn it the f*ck down.


(R1): How do you know what is the vehicle and what is it carrying?


(R2): Well… I was told, if there’s a suspicious individual, no talks – burn it the f*ck down.


(R1): Real?


(R2): Of course! I have this order from the Major.


(R1): Roger…


(R2): A vehicle, or a truck, or anything else… apples… I will look and ask – what you carrying? Apples? If a person is suspicious – waste them without talks, the talks will be later…


(R1): “…” Where is it supposed to be coming from?


(R2): Where could they be coming from? They could be coming from my direction.


(R1): Ah, from yours, so basically you’ll be the first to burn them down? And if you can’t, then it will be us?


(R2): Well, they may wander towards me, I’m not standing right on the highway.


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