Intercepted Call reveals details of the Kherson command point strike by Ukrainian forces

Posted on 11 July 2022



The invader in a discussion with his comrade reveals details about the Ukrainian Armed Forces strike on the most important command point of the Russian forces in the Kherson direction. He says the strike was very significant and resulted in 12 casualties. The soldier also talks about the way the ammunitions are being stored in a checkerboard pattern which resulted in a complete destruction of the cache following the Ukrainian artillery strike.


(R1)=Russian soldier 1 (R2)=Russian soldier 2



(R1): I think you must have heard by now about what happened in Rostov… I mean in Kherson?


(R2): No.


(R1): Didn’t they say?


(R2): What happened?


(R1): You know… not on the phone.. anyway they *Ukrainians* hit the main command point. Hit it f*cking properly.


(R2): Your command?


(R1): Yes. There are 12 200’s *dead*… Not our command, the one that is like… the most f*cking important one in our direction. […] I told these morons, don’t dig this way, this is a complete f*cking bullsh*t. They made pits in a checkerboard pattern, and some sh*t in the middle, between them. I told them as soon as even one pit is hit it will f*ck everything up. They said – “no, the checkerboard pattern, the adjacent pits won’t catch fire. I told them “you f*ckheads, as soon as shrapnels start flying this will all catch fire!”. I said they needed separate pits, se-pa-rate! They shouldn’t be connected to one another. He said – “don’t be a smarta*s”. I said – fine. I came back when all this f*ckery exploded, asked – what now. They said – “how did you know?!”. I said – “you’re f*cked in the head!”.

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