Intercepted Call: “Putin realised that’s too big of a f*cking money drain”

Posted on 11 July 2022



New details about the updated injury compensation system in the Russian army emerge from this intercepted call published by Ukrainian GUR. The Russian soldier while speaking to his wife explains to her how the Russian command stopped paying compensation of 3 million rubles to soldiers with “light wounds”, such as when the the injury does not impact the bone, internal organs, or doesn’t leave you without a limb. The system was implemented after too many Russian soldiers tried to get out of the war in Ukraine by shooting themselves and going to a hospital with a sizeable compensation in their pockets.

Additionally, the soldier reveals the state of corruption in all levels of the Russian army command. According to him, officers will report that more people are going into attacks which then allows them to claim money for each “dead soul” since infantry get a compensation of 8,000 rubles per day for attacking.

We can only guess how much money has been claimed back by corrupt officers for all these soldiers that never went into an attack.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman



(W): What was your mission there?


(R): To go through the forest. Check the road for presence of mines.


(W): F*ck.


(R): Yep.


(W): How?.. How? ..What? F*ck. This is f*cked.


(R): Somehow perfectly walked around 1,5 km, found 12 anti-tank mines, which the road was mined with.


(W): F*ck’s sake.


(R): Then came back.


(W): So are you tagging them somehow to be removed?


(R): Yes, yes. I was given an Android phone which has an app with maps.


(W): Understood. […] Kiropyan *name* will be coming from leave on the 5th July and apparently will be forming his own…


(R): They shouldn’t. Nothing scary, life doesn’t stop at the army.


(W): They are not listening to you! They don’t care at all about anything.


(R): Bad, bad, bad, very bad. No one needs proving they are real men. It’s hard, too hard, and it’s not f*cking worth it.


(W): Why did you go then?


(R): Because… Zakharov himself spoke to me, like…


(W): Right, you also needed to prove you are a real man.


(R): It’s not that… we just didn’t challenge Zakharov.


(W): Did he come as a commander?


(R): He came as a an army commander, since the previous staff army commander was suspended.


(W): Why?


(R): Because he wasn’t managing it. It’s so sh*t here, I’m telling you… Even the army commander is talking cr*p to the higher command that everything here is f*cking awesome, that everything is working, that we have a lot of people. For instance they will put forward data… if 26 people are going to attack, they’ll put forward forward data that 126 people are going into an attack. For attacking, infantry is paid money – 8,000 rubles per day for an attack. And a hundred people is f*ck knows where and who they are, whether they are in rears or elsewhere…


(W): So… who gets the money?!


(R): F*ck knows who gets the money then. I’m telling you they attack in tiny groups of like 20, 15 people. Yesterday the 3rd battalion was apparently attacking, they must have had in total 150 people attacking. I doubt that though. I think they’ve had… maybe 120 people. And out of all them, 23 got wounded immediately, 7 died, so 30 fewer people in total immediately. Now they’ll stay there for a bit more, get smashed more, shelled with mortars – half will get scared, another half will get wounded, and they’ll get out of there. So… I’m telling you, this cr*p will go on for a while, and slowly. We can’t do anything while we’re here. Ours are saving up the large caliber artillery. They’re not firing from large guns for some reason. I don’t understand, I have a feeling that lives of the people are cheaper than missiles. […] They now stopped paying. If previously they paid all wounded 3 million rubles, by June this thing ended. Putin realised that’s too big of a f*cking money drain since people started setting themselves up on purpose. Someone will shoot their arm, someone will shoot their leg, or will stick the arm out of the trench during a mortar strike, and then get out with 3 million. And that’s it! We are now combatants, we’ve got 3 million, all is well, we are happy and healthy and won’t go there again. So now they separated them into light and serious wounds. Light wound is not like… if the bone is not impacted then it’s a light wound. But if your arms, legs or fingers are torn away, or for instance your bones are impacted, internal organs are impacted, then that’s a serious wound, and you are entitled to 3 million compensation. So if the leg is shot or you’re hit with a shrapnel then it’s bullsh*t! You’re entitled to 60k at best, and that’s it, you go to serve further. So this gradation happened. Now if someone’s wounded they get f*ck all. At best you’ll get some pennies from the military insurance.


(W): Right… So you have no mission for now, just….


(R): In the nearest day – no. I can’t reach out to anyone, there is no comms, the radio isn’t working.


(W): Reach out to the high command?


(R): Yep. I can’t hear anyone.

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