Intercepted Call: “Putin allowed us to loot”

Posted on 20 June 2022



Russian soldier has no problems looting in Ukraine and happily shares the details with a woman, as evidenced from this intercepted call by SBU. The fact that looting is immoral does not matter as long as Putin allows it.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman


(R): Our starshina *Russian military rank* has let himself go here, he looted TVs, washing machines, an awesome 250,000 roubles grill… basically, he’s grabbing everything, everything for himself. I’m telling you again, if we don’t take someone else will. And looting was allowed by Putin. There is an order that… in short it’s not criminally punishable that we are looting. It’s allowed. 


(W): Mhm.


(R): Putin allowed it. He gave an order that looting is allowed during hostilities. I found myself combat boots, Ukrainian.


(W): Really?


(R): From Ukrainian army. I’m sitting in these boots and they are like… you know… like slippers. Just slippers. Light as f*ck. The ones that we have are 2 kgs each. The foot is sweating in them, but these are draughty, they are made of ventilated fabric. They’re f*cking awesome, I’ll take a photo for you. My goal is to loot during this assignment a plate… an armoured vest plate, but one that is simplified and expensive. The boots I already looted for myself. I have the boots. Now need to find a good uniform, MultiCam, of a good quality.

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