Intercepted Call: “Our artillery is terrible. It’s a disgrace for Russia.”

Posted on 19 July 2022



In a phone conversation with his 45-year old father, this 22-year old Russian soldier describes how his positions were successfully shelled by Ukrainian artillery. In addition, he says that their own Russian artillery wasn’t helping at all by shelling own positions. The soldier refers to the Russian artillery as “disgrace”.

(R)=Russian soldier (F)=Father



(R): In general, we were lucky, dad, we could have been hit, too.


(F): But you didn’t get hit… did you at least give it back to them?


(R): Well… we were shot at, out of everything they’ve had.


(F): You were shot at?


(R): Yes, out of everything. Everyone was shelling us.


(F): Right… they were firing at you?


(R): Yes. It was a slaughter. Scary.


(F): Right… Were there a lot of them?


(R): A lot, really a lot…


(F): Must have been mercenaries, right, son?


(R): I don’t know, dad, we had no time…


(F): Right… so next time, the others will go?


(R): I don’t know, dad. Next time, it will be horror.


(F): Wasn’t artillery helping you?!


(R): Our artillery is terrible. It’s a disgrace for Russia.


(F): How come?!


(R): It’s shelling us more *than them*.


(F): Right, your own artillery?


(R): Yes, both ours, and theirs…


(F): They must have been given wrong coordinates.


(R): They are not reaching them. Always landing next to us…


(F): Well, someone will get their a*ses kicked, whoever did it. Nikita, you see, they had wrong coordinates.

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