Intercepted Call: “Our amazing super commanders decided to fire towards the signal team”

Posted on 03 July 2022



DPR separatist tells his wife about drunken shooting that took place in the signal unit near his position, and carried out by commanders and officers. He also tells about the 19 year old sniper with -7 vision who was killed and his parents will not receive compensation.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(R): Do you remember I was telling about this sniper, with -7 vision?


(W): Yeah.


(R): 19 years old boy. Was.


(W): What? Killed?


(R): It arrived into their trench.


(W): That’s just recently, yeah?


(R): Nah, not recently. You know what’s the most interesting? At first they thought, well, they wanted to do some sort of paperwork for the parents… payments basically, some large sum of compensation, but now they won’t even do that, won’t even write that he died in combat. Not exactly in combat, but…


(W): How will this be framed?


(R): It will be framed as if he just died. Anyway, our regiment commander was sentenced, “Stavr”. In DPR, as he sold 10 of our KAMAZ trucks somewhere. We were in… in Peski. That damned Stavr was telling us that we will all die there. Yesterday we came from the outpost. And heard from the signal team side crazy shooting began. Explosions, shooting. We had no clue what that was. But then we heard as if it was just one assault rifle firing. And today the info came through that our amazing super commanders, obviously under the influence of alcohol, decided to fire towards the signal team. A lad was saying he how managed to prone and heard bullets flying over his head. They threw a grenade next to a house, it exploded. It slashed with shrapnel, slashed the wall. Exploded near the ammunitions. Commanders…

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