Intercepted Call: “One half has given up morally”

Posted on 29 June 2022



Russian invader complaints to his mother about the terrible state of affairs and great losses, asks her to look out for a military lawyer to get him out of there. Says all the officers in his undisclosed unit have perished, and those alive are losing their morale spirit.


(R)=Russsian soldier (W)=His mother


(R): F*ck, I’ve called Borya when everyone came here, we started looking for the f*cking military lawyers. By the way, you keep an eye as well. Tell them the situation is that… the company commander died, all the officers and everyone… what do we do? What is the right thing for us to do? We need to be savvy, you understand? Because they keep coming here and trying to sell something to us. Of course we are listening to them, but we feel it is…


(W): What are they trying to sell you?


(R): …it is f*cking bullsh*t. Been waiting for some reinforcements for a f*cking month, waiting for reinforcements…


(W): Why aren’t they bringing the ammunitions? The vehicles are coming anyway.


(R): Because everyone has p*ssied out. One half has simply given up morally.


(W): Really? It’s that scary?


(R): Yes. I’m telling you, we’d get into BTRs and f*cked off from here right now…

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