Intercepted Call: Officers are running away from the Russian army

Posted on 17 June 2022



Not only Russian soldiers but also commanding officers are fleeing the war in Ukraine. They simply lay down their arms and leave their personnel to their own devices. This is stated in a telephone conversation with the occupier, which was intercepted by the SBU. The woman asks her husband not to run away, because it will be considered desertion. Yet he, being mobilised in the “LPR”, realizes that officially he is not considered a listed participant of the war.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman


(W): The thing you said to me, do you want to quit, or what?


(R): No! Our command has left. They have… they… they didn’t leave, they dumped their weapons, said “We won’t go fighting”. They will be rotated. If they aren’t rotated, we’ll be taken home.


(W): Oh, right.


(R): They… One of the seniors has f*cked off to Russia.


(W): By seniors you mean your commander or what?


(R): Yes, yes, yes, one of ours, from the 4th Battalion.


(W): F*ck off… *unintelligible question*?


(R): He said “I’m not gonna fight at all. I have heart problems”.


(W): Ah, he has heart… he’s f*cking young for heart issues.


(R): Well… this is it. It is what it is.


(W): And you have heart issues. You have thyroid. Everyone has something. But if that’s what it is, then… *sigh*… Whatever happens is for the better. You can get home sooner. Only, VItalik, don’t think about going anywhere…


(R): No, no, I’m even…


(W): You have no documents… what?


(R): No, no, of course. If they are taking us home then… I better get home… and don’t go back. We are not listed anywhere. Nowhere. Believe me we are not listed anywhere. Like the commander Ushakov said, we are here as meat. A distracting manoeuvre. We are nowhere.. even in Russia it’s not accounted that we are located here.


(W): F*ck.

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