Intercepted Call: No treatment in hospitals for Russian soldiers

Posted on 15 June 2022



In this new intercepted call, two Russian invaders discuss how they lost their comrades on the battlefield, and the lack of treatment in hospitals. They conclude that their comrade is most likely dead after he ran off to the forest and searches brought not results. Another invader mentions how he was constantly moved between hospitals without actual treatment provided.

(R1)=Russian soldier 1 (R2)=Russian soldier 2


(R1):…most likely 200 *dead*.


(R2):Is it not known for sure yet?


(R1): Today we’ve been looking for him all day, tomorrow will go searching again.


(R2):F*ck, how come he wasn’t found?


(R1): That’s how… Three of them ran off to the wrong forest, to the small one. We went there in the evening, couldn’t find them.


(R2):Was he sitting in a crater or something? Did he get lost?


(R1):No, no. We were leading them, I was leading one group, and Rudya the other. And they were meant to be coming after the tanks, but Kirillov ran off to the wrong forest, him and two others. […] We’ve had 90 people from Kuril. They’re f*cking shocked, half refused today…


(R2):This will be happening everywhere now, for f*cks sake. The same sh*t will be happening. […] Be careful there then. I am now… either near Belgorod, or in St. Petersburg, in Mulino, near Nizhniy Novgorod. I’m also concussed, ears ringing, blood pressure… Basically I’m deaf on two ears. We’re staying in the hospital, they are not f*cking treating us, no one gives a f*ck. There’s a military-medical academy in Petersburg, I was there for two days. All they did was, they took the blood, gave antibiotics, and did the CT scan, obviously… And that’s it, no treatment, bullsh*t. F*cking sh*t.


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