Intercepted Call: “No one from Crimea in the battalion!”

Posted on 14 August 2022



This intercepted call between a Russian soldier currently in Kharkiv Oblast, and his wife, reveals how latest enlistment efforts in Russia result in mostly “scum” being drafted to the army. These tend to run away after the first battle, so only veterans and very young but motivated soldiers remain. The majority of those drafted appear to come from south of Russia, while no one from Crimea seems to be keen to join the fight, the soldier complains.

Further, he tells how his fellow comrade stepped on his own tripwire resulting in a bottom injury.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(R): In my platoon I have 11 people left. Should have 30. In our battalion… battalion is 320 people, we have 52.


(W): Oh dear…


(R): Well, refuseniks. Not only wounded and killed. A whole load of refuseniks! When they opened up drafting of all ages, without articles, without medical commissions, only scum started coming here. Now all this scum ran away after first two shellings. Now only veterans remain here, and children with integrity. I mean, there are children here, 20 year olds, 25 year olds who watched too many movies. The propaganda is working!


(W): Mhm.


(R): Right, right… But generally I’m alright, it’s just not very good here with cigarettes. But overall I’m alright.


(W): Is there anyone of yours, of those from Nizhniy Novgorod, no?


(R): Yes, but few… few, few… But some are, are, are… Few… Majority are from the south of the country.


(W): Right.


(R): Stavropol, Rostov… No one from Crimea at all! I’m saying: “F*cking look, Crimea is ours! Is there at least one Crimean in the battalion?!” Bla, bla, bla, f*ck… “It has nothing to do with me”.


(W): Mhm.


(R): We have… oh… one of ours blew up today. We were leaving, left the positions. And at the position I’ve put tripwires. He didn’t tell me, went to take his raincoat tent with film… And I’ve put them properly, he didn’t see. So he had part of his a*s torn away.


(W): Oh dear, horror!


(R): So yeah… Am I guilty, or not guilty? What is it?.. Anyway, as I told you – RUSSIAN INFANTRY! Just as it must be. Laughter, and sin [Russian proverb], and meanness…

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