Intercepted Call: Mother of a Russian soldier tells her depressed son the latest news

Posted on 06 June 2022



In a conversation intercepted by the Ukrainian GUR, the mother of a Russian occupier tells her son the news that are being spread among the parents of servicemen sent to Ukraine. As always, highly recommend listening to the call to at least get the idea of the tone – the solider is quiet, he is not saying much, while the mother expresses all the worries she has about her son and his fellow Russian servicemen. Source video can be found right under the transcript.


(R)=Russian solider (M)=His mother


(M): Do you still have the pills?


(R): Yes, mom, I do.


(M): Son! I’m just worried, really… I understand – you’re all tired, you’re nervous… but I’m also really worried. I also found out something about your brigade, it’s just…


(R): Found out what?


(M): It’s about the boys who were entering together with the 30th brigade, located in Donetsk or something… A boy from the 30th came back and said that from the 15th *brigade*, from the boys… who were at this location, 20% are left alive and a bunch are missing “…” It’s scary, it’s so scary… From the 31th brigade, 100 people are left, it’s a nightmare what’s happening…


(R): Right.


(M): Seriously, I’m so worried for you “…” You should have had a rotation on 23 May, but they didn’t find enough people. The disabled people were also told on the 13th that they were all fit for service. They were told to arrive at the unit location “…” This is what’s happening, it’s so scary. I’m really worried. They said in the unit here that something was wrong with you, for a week I was bouncing off the walls…


(R): Right.


(M): “…” When is this all going to end? Aunt Natasha was saying something that the officers are now ratting out their own… I’m trying to find out everything, if someone, somewhere says something… anything… so… But the VDV guys have been through the most, they are in the very hell.


(R): Right.

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