Intercepted Call: Mobilised DPR fighters are forced to sign contracts

Posted on 09 June 2022



In this intercepted conversation, a DPR soldier and a woman (presumably his mother) are discussing how the mobilised troops in the region are agitation to sign contracts with the Russian Federation Armed Forces. She appears to be talking to be talking about the 123th DPR regiment, though I’m struggling to find many references of it online. What she means by Kharkovskaya is unclear – but the word itself means “From Kharkiv”, i.e. Kharkiv brigade or anything similar.

The woman appears to be warning the man against signing the contract, at the same time mentioning that those who have previously refused to do so have been put into cellars to “have a think”, then offered 230 thousand rubles for signing the contract. This is specifically important for the mobilised soldiers of DPR for whom the 3-month contract was coming to an end in late May 2022.

The source can be found underneath the transcript.

(S)=Soldier (W)=Woman


(W): This is why I’m worried, Seryozha… So, until it hasn’t reached Kharkovskaya*. 123th, Zaporizhye Oblast, you see? A girl sent a text message this morning, the one I told you about, about the contracts… They are processing the mobilised right now. They need to sign up as many as possible. This is how they are processing – they came to them to sign the contracts, the same agitators, you understand?


(S): Mhm.


(W): One signed immediately. The rest who didn’t agree, they were forced to lay down weapons, Zeryozha, and taken to an unknown destination. They’re not answering the phones. They were put into a “pit”, a “pit” is a cellar, that’s what she said. Anyway, seven idiots signed it later, at lunch. They sat there for half a day, changed their minds, they were promised 230 thousand – and they signed. And then the same day they were sent to combat. Of the seven – four 300s (wounded), one 200s (dead). Do you hear me? She was very worried yesterday, she warned me. Olya says when her husband had a contract in ’15-’16, if any guys refused and laid down weapons, there were shot by their own. B*tches.


(S): They were what? They were shot?


(W): They were shot, yes. But now, prosecutions have begun – they issued a law, Zeryozha… women who are outraged, from Luhansk, they’re trialled for up to 20 years *sentences*.


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