Intercepted Call: Invaders tell their loved ones how the finish off wounded Ukrainians

Posted on 02 July 2022



Ironically, this Russian soldier asks his wife not to tell anyone about his fantasies of cutting someone’s throat, but he himself tells it to the whole world. The evidence of this admission is provided in this call intercepted and published by Ukrainian SBU.


(R)=Russian solider (W)=Woman

(R): We came there, to the bridges, under the bridges… And…


(W): Mhm.


(R): And on the ground there were ours *Russians*, civilians, military Ukrops. And we ran there, ran across to take positions. And… We were told basically to “off” them on our way, all these motherf*ckers, I mean Ukrops.


(W): Mhm.


(R): *I was* with one guy… I’m thinking like, f*ck, maybe I should try cutting the throat? I’m thinking like… and… and… Suddenly, the guy *cuts the throat* of one… I started feeling f*cking sick there.


(W): Did you cut someone’s throat?


(R): Yes, but it was at the very beginning. I mean, the third or fourth day of the “party”. *unintelligible*


(W): Tell me, you just wanted it, and cut *someone’s throat*? Not just f*cking killed them, but you tortured them?


(R): Why tortured? I just cut his throat. I thought… when else can I cut a man’s throat?


(W): *laughs* F*ck. How do you have such perverted fantasies, eh?


(R): Just don’t tell anyone.

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