Intercepted Call: I’m a Russian solider, get me out of here!

Posted on 19 June 2022



Russian solider is frantically looking for ways to get away from the war in Ukraine, as evidenced from the intercepted phone call between him and his mother. The mother, who is from Sakhalin, is cautious as she is afraid her son might be considered a deserter, but the son is having none of it – he wants nothing to do with the conflict anymore.


(R)=Russian soldier (M)=His mother



(R): I think we are in here for half a year.


(M): How come, half a year?


(R): That’s how!


(M): You were meant to go for 3 months…


(R): Well, mum, see, it’s different for anyone. It’s just that, I was finding out how else can one get discharged, I was told you can leave for “family reasons”, if necessary. To “care for someone”. 


(M): To care for the sick, yes?


(R): Yes.


(M): And? What do I need to do?


(R): I don’t know! I was told, if I had a reference, they could discharge me. To discharge me and send me back home. That my parents are in Kyrgyziya (Kyrgyzstan) and I’m the only one *child* in the family, that there’s no one to be watching after them…


(M): Right! Okay. […] If I send this reference to the commander, you will be recalled to Sakhalin, right?


(R): I will be discharged!


(M): Can they send you on leave with this reference?


(R): First they’ll send me on leave, only then they will discharge. 


(M): So, an urgent leave – “The situation is such and such… send him on an urgent leave”? You’ll have a rest on your leave, and if you decide to discharge then we can write that *claim*… what if yours *unit* will be sent back?


(R): No, mum! Immediately! I don’t want it. I have absolutely no desire.


(M): That’s it? No more love?


(R): No more.


(M): Right… […] What will they write in the military file, in case of a reference? Will they just discharge you? *she’s worried something like a deserter will be mentioned*


(R): Yes, just that, just just that.

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