Intercepted Call: “If there is no rotation, there are no other people to replace you!”

Posted on 16 June 2022



In a rollercoaster of a call, the Russian invader complaints to his mother he is desperate to get out of Ukraine and wants her and other women in Russia to do all they can to assist with rotation or withdrawal of exhausted troops. The woman admits she sees no way of helping him. This interception was provided by GUR intelligence service of Ukraine.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(W): You will stay there until the end of military operation, no earlier than autumn, no earlier than September. There will be no rotation for you, even for those whose contracts are running out – f*ck, they’ll stay there, until the hostilities end. This is what Popov said. Who is he – I’ve no idea.


(R): Popov, this f***ot, he was here when we arrived.


(W): Yep, so the Gusev wives “occupied” *followed* him, they even wait for him near his house.


(R): Right.


(W): F*ck! I was counting, hoping that at least until the middle of the summer…


(R): They’re f*cking f***ots.


(W): And I cannot do anything!


(R): What do you mean can’t do anything? You can call the f*cking prosecution office!


(W): What is there to say in the prosecution?! You signed a contract.


(R): So? They have no right to keep you in combat assignments for too long.


(W): I don’t know, maybe something will change, but nothing…


(R): F*ck all will change, people will just start… when they find out this information they’ll just start shooting themselves.


(W): Are you crazy?!


(R): But there is no other choice to go home. Here it’s either they kill you or you shoot yourself. Every single day you’re sitting and thinking – am I going to get blown up, so that just the trainers would be left of me?


(W): I can’t do anything! I told you what I was told! And I’m not the only one like that. Everyone is fuming. And all the wives are fuming.


(R): How they f*ck are they fuming if they can’t do anything? If they are to do something they should be doing it together, not alone.


(W): But what?! What can they do?! If there is no rotation, there are no other people to replace you!


(R): Let them withdraw us completely! What f*cking rotation?! There are 19-year old boys here, f*ck rotation!

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