Intercepted Call: “If I get to the rear I’m not going back. I’ll be trying not to go.”

Posted on 12 July 2022



In this intercepted call published by GUR, the wife of a Russian soldier tells him how the invaders are forcibly taken to the frontline in Ukraine. She explains how she is in contact with a friend of hers, Tanya, who told her about a unit stationed in Belgorod which her husband belongs to. The soldiers of the unit were told they’d be transferred to the airport, but instead the loaded KAMAZ trucks started moving towards Ukraine. Presumably the soldier and his wife are both from Buryatiya as evidenced from her mentioning the name of a town in Buryatiya.

Upon discovering the direction of their movement, soldiers started jumping out of the trucks and calling their relatives to complain to the Ministry of Defence and military prosecution. It is unclear what happened with the unit in the end. The invaders from the call says that if gets a chance to get back to the rear of the army, he will do all he can to never go to Ukraine again.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(W): We also have rumours here that they *command* want to take you to rest.


(R): F*ck if I get to the rear I’m not going back. I’ll be trying not to go.


(W): Of course! F*ck them. Just refuse and that’s it.


(R): There’s many like that here.


(W): Who cares, the more the merrier. Do you know what Tanya just told me?


(R): What?


(W): Basically, from Belgorod side there are many of ours there, including Kyahty and **** likely*. Anyway, many many people *soldiers in Belgorod* wrote reports. They were loaded into KAMAZs, they were told “we are taking you to the airport, to send you home”. And they *command* took them towards Ukraine in locked KAMAZs. They *soldiers* figured it out on the way, starting jumping out of the vehicles. Since in the front of the column was a tank, and behind the column was a tank. They figured out something was wrong and started jumping out and shooting in the air. Some of them managed to call relatives… they all started running to the direction where they were brought from. They ran 15 kilometers, and while running someone managed to call relatives and told them to call the prosecution office and write appeals. Anyway, they’ve been kept there… She *Tanya* went to the prosecution, a lot of people were there since all the guys managed to make calls *to relatives*. They *relatives* started an uproar… And the guys were kept there for a few days like prisoners of war. They’d go to toilet under escort, ate under escort. And when the noise started and questions were raised, they *command* simply said “We took them to renovations works, to clean up the LPR”. We’ll start doing this too, if nothing happens to you… already some movement is happening.


(R): What movement?


(W): Well, that we are writing everywhere. We are writing to the Ministry of Defence, to the military prosecution…


(R): Is there any point?


(W): F*ck knows. But they should at least start doing something. Not just sitting around.


* It is unclear what she means here. Presumably she means Kyahta which is a city in Buryatia, where a lot of Russian soldiers are from. They must have been stationed in Belgorod.

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