Intercepted Call: “I will never heal from this”

Posted on 07 July 2022



In the latest intercepted call published by SBU, audibly shaken and hysterical Russian invader is telling his wife about the horrors of the war in Ukraine. According to him, what he sees on a daily basis is having a dramatic effect on his psyche. This includes destroyed environment that resembles hell, blown up corses, and wounded and killed battle comrades. We would feel sorry for him if he didn’t choose this life himself.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman


(W): Yes, bunny. How are you?


(R): I want to go home, I want to go home so bad, I’m so f*cking sick of it, f*ck!


(W): Hold on.


(R): This war, f*ck. I’m so f*cking sick of it. I want to come to you, my loved ones, I love you. 


(W): You’ll be back soon, everything will be fine.


(R): I’ll come back, I know that I’ll come back, I’m confident I’ll come back home well and alive. First of all, I will to go to my grandmother’s cemetery, because she is my guardian-angel. I’ll then go to the church, to the Toplovskyi monastery, I’ll drive to all the churches, I know that God is protecting me.


(W): You’ll come back and tell everything.


(R): For my whole, for the whole life, for the whole life I am now sick. You know how many corpses I’ve seen here, corpses that you’ve never seen in your life? Without heads, without legs, without torsos, without anything, those that come in “zinc” coffins, they just collect and dump body parts into them, like some piece of ground and that’s it, f*ck. It’s a nightmare, I will never heal from this. This is slaughter. It’s so f*cked. Today we have 6 – “300” *wounded*. Yesterday – 4 “300”. This is it. I’m done. Honestly, I cannot imagine this world where you have to pay money, where cars drive, where people drive. Do you know how it is here? No cars are driving, all the roads are destroyed, destroyed videocameras, destroyed road police points, next to road police points are blown up tanks, everything is blown up. There are no people here, it’s just chaos here, you can’t imagine. You can’t imagine what’s happening here, I’m telling you I need to get treatment immediately. I can’t imagine how can I come back to a normal life.

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