Intercepted Call: “I can’t, dad, I’m shaking. It’s scary as f*ck, I can’t be here anymore.”

Posted on 20 July 2022



The caring father tells his Russian son how to break his arm in a way to be able to leave the Russian army for good and be sent to the hospital. This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation of the Russian invaders, which was intercepted by the SBU.

The father was happy at the prospect of his son’s return, but when he later called back and said that he had not been able to break anything, the father gave valuable advice.

(R)=Russian soldier (F)=Father




(R): I decided.


(F): What?


(R): At 4 o’clock I’ll be changed. 


(F): And what?


(R): And somehow I’ll break my leg on the stairs. I can’t, dad, I’m shaking. It’s scary as f*ck, I can’t be here anymore.


(F): I understand, Dima.


(R): Yesterday one of our boys was walking… fell into a pit, broke his leg. He was taken away, from this f*cking point. I can’t f*cking…


(F): Break it then, Dimka. Fall down, hit your head, f*ck it, you’ll get healed up here. Fall down somehow, carelessly, to break the arm or the leg.




(F): Yes.


(R): It didn’t work.


(F): What? You scared?


(R): No, blyat, I’m not managing it.


(F): During youth, this is how the boys evaded, I didn’t do it personally… You wrap your arm with a towel, or some cloth, you soak it. Walk up to some corner and hit the corner with your arm. It’s not as painful when it’s wrapped, and the bone breaks when this sh*t is soaked. Use some corner, but hit it hard. Anything can happen… there might be a significant fracture. Maybe a significant one is even better, maybe they’ll send you off for good… And you’ll tell them you tripped and had to hold on with your arm, it cracked and you can’t do anything…


(R): I’ll try it out at night.


(F): *laughs* Oh, Dimka, Dimka.

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