Intercepted Call: “Here they just send you into a slaughter”

Posted on 14 July 2022



Invaders are running out of equipment and vehicles to continue fighting, as evidenced from the call intercepted by SBU. In this conversation, the Russian soldier tells his wife about the difficulty of advancing on Ukrainian positions. With limited visibility the Russians have little idea of where to shoot at when approaching the heavily fortified trenches. Similarly, Russians are lacking trained stuff so a lot of their missiles go into nothing.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman



(R): Here, you know, here they just send you into a slaughter. There’s no competency here, at all. You’re going forward, just stupidly going forward, and they *Ukrainians* are waiting for you, waiting… They already have a fix on these trenches, when you reach them, a specific point. They’re observing you, sitting there, drinking coffee. Pressing buttons. And once you reach it they throw missiles at you. Where are we meant to shoot? Who are we meant to shoot at? There’s nobody. F*ck knows. So you’re just running around like a f*cking retard. So many of our tanks have been burned here, so much equipment. Meanwhile our retards can’t even hit them. They can’t figure them out. Our retard brigade… Our army. And these retard commanders… f*ck… Every day people are dying here. For nothing.


(W): But why, aren’t you supposed to fire from tanks from long distance?


(R): You can’t. They start firing at you from 3-4 kilometers away. You have nowhere to fire from the tank.


(W): Don’t you have these vehicles?


(R): We don’t have specialists. We have no specialists! They must have fired 20 coaches worth of missiles into nothingness.

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