Intercepted Call: “Guys are losing their shit here!”

by | 13 Jun 2022 | Intercepted calls

Russian soldier complaints about the intensity of the fights while speaking to a woman, presumably his wife or mother. Some of the invaders are literally losing their minds, as evidenced from this call intercepted by Ukrainian GUR intelligence service.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=woman


(W): Hello.


(R): Hey, hello.


(W): Hello! How are you, bunny?


(R): F*cked up. We have 11 less people.


(W): Gosh, take care of yourself bunny, do you hear me?


(R): Sure, though how can I? My armoured vest got hit just recently, pierced the plate… can you hear me?


(W): Yes, bunny, I hear you.


(R): F*ck, I’m f*cking stoked, I thought I was hit, thought I was done – if shrapnel hit my stomach. But no, had a look, it was fine…. “…” We’re getting f*cked non-stop. F*ck, so sick of it, you can go f*cking insane here. 152th, 202th, f*ck. You can literally go insane. Guys are losing their sh*t here. Three were sent to the psycho ward.

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