Intercepted Call: “From the 1st platoon, I’m alone left”.

Posted on 24 July 2022



The Russian invader shares the news with his friend (or sister) on how all the cell phone towers nearby were destroyed so that no locals could notify the Ukrainian Armed Forces about movement of the Russian equipment. He also mentions significant losses in the unit and says he’s unlikely to be coming back.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(W): Your connection is really bad.


(R): It’s because all the towers are f*cked!!!


(W): What happened?!


(R): All the towers are f*cked, there was a struggle with hohols, basically… all the towers have been f*cked, cameras are f*cked, so no columns could be spotted.


(W): F*cking hell. Are you alive? Not wounded?


(R): Eh… concussed… coming back to Russia soon. I don’t know. I’ll tell you later what’s going on… it’s really f*cked, the left ear has stopped hearing, it’s completely f*cked. In our company… 10 people are left.


(W): F*cking hell, f*ck.


(R): Yes. There were 107 people, 10 remain. From them 4 have left, 6 of us have stayed. From the 1st platoon I’m alone left. In the 1st platoon we’ve had 22 people, I am the only one left. There will be an advance soon, I’m going to it anyway, so…


(W): Where are you though?!


(R): Izyum city. Izyum city.


(W): Come on, brother, don’t die too early.


(R): Too early than what?!


(W): Too early before coming back to the city.


(R): That’s unlikely. We’ve got no one left. So it’s not guaranteed we are coming back. I love you very much. Say hello to everyone.


(W): You will tell me that when you’re back.


(R): I’m unlikely to be coming back.


(W): If you’re not coming back, Dimka, you are in trouble.


(R): Do you understand… there was an offensive here two days ago, 752 were attacking the ukrops and 25 people died. 25. 25 f*cking guys have died. Simply, 25 have died, all “200” *dead*. It’s a complete slaughter. Total a*s. What they are telling you on the TV, don’t believe it, don’t. It’s a complete a*s here. A f*ckload of dead, a f*ckload of f*cked up tanks, it’s a f*cking a*ss. I’m telling you seriously.

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