Intercepted Call: “For them, we are just scum”

Posted on 14 July 2022



As part of what is obviously a much longer intercepted call, the Russian invader tells his wife about false reports of the central commission, according to which the troops have already been on leave and should not be complaining. He also describes his relationship with the brigade commander who is being treated for fictitious injuries while “chilling” in Moscow.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman



(R): So allegedly, a month ago we were taken out of here for two months and we were resting, chilling… that’s according to the documents. So the Moscow commission came and said we were chilling, sleeping and drinking, and now we’re here again. As if we are rested. As if, why are you complaining, why are you running away if you are rested?


(W): […] Since someone texted in the group chat asking how we are doing, how’s the son’s health. Asking for some good news, whether he did go to the commander or not. Yes he did and told him everything, the commander is aware of everything. And that was it.


(R): It’s because no one gives a sh*t.


(W): And then that girl friend called, said – “have you heard, they were told to go to work, no treatment, go and work. He said – “how can I work, I can’t stand up”. He has hernia in the spine, he can’t work.


(R): Only the bastards are everywhere. By the way, our brigade commander returned. He already has two injuries listed. He was chilling somewhere in Moscow for a few months, and now he’s here again… For them, we are just scum.


(W): Is that the commander that you said was a d*ck?


(R): Yeah, the main guy in the 34th brigade. He was greeting that f*cking general with us back then, when we were in the camp… He always has some sh*t, either a pinky finger broken, or some other stuff…

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