Intercepted Call: “Everyone is drinking here”

Posted on 26 June 2022



Russian soldiers are finding new lifehacks on how to get out of Ukraine. They go on leave for family reasons, discharge and never return to the frontline. Those remaining have to bear the burden of not receiving any reinforcements, and resort to drinking to numb the stress. This is evidenced from a call intercepted by SBU.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman



(R): Where I’m stationed, everything’s burning here, the forest is burning. From morning till evening we are being shelled. It’s very scary, I’m f*cking terrified…


(W): So you need to go on leave and get some rest! Lyosha! Ask them! Have you written the report?! Have they signed it?!


(R): Alyona, everyone f*cked off from here, we have six people remaining. We will write the report when they come in 3 days… the people will come and we will leave. Really, we’ve got no one left anymore. Everyone left. There are six of us left, imagine.


(W): So are they coming back from that leave, are they coming back, or are they quitting?


(R): No one is returning. Everyone’s quitting. Everyone’s f*cking off. Why is nothing shown on the TV, I don’t know, it’s a real massacre here, it’s just… I’m drinking, Alyona.


(W): Why?


(R): Well, because I’m scared. Everyone’s drinking here.

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