Intercepted Call: “Every other is now wounded”

Posted on 10 August 2022


Sadly, no details were provided with this intercepted call which is nevertheless quite interesting. As it is claimed, the Russian soldier says he ran to the frontline positions only to find them smashed to pieces with mortar and tank fire, but no location is specified. He also mentions that in his area, “enemy mercenaries” have been deployed, including Poles, who managed to kill several soldiers while they were asleep.

(R)=Russian man (M)=Other man


(R): Well, for now we fell back a bit.


(M): Right.


(R): It’s brutal. Rolled back a bit, now resting. Our positions were destroyed into bits, again we have 300’s [wounded]. Not bad, average. That’s it, only a half of us are left, every other is now wounded… For now we rolled back. I went to the positions since we have no comms, I did a quick run here to the front. It’s all done, in pieces, all the buildings here are f*cked up, everything is f*cked up. With a mortar. With a tank, direct attack, smashed everything.


(M): Right, right.


(R): So I’m going to give a quick call now, and get the hell out. […] Specialists are here, the Poles have come, and other f*cking mercenaries, they put down so many people. Three at the comms got slashed, at night, they sneaked up on them. Today, eight were f*cked up. While sleeping.


(M): Holy f*ck.


(R): So it is what it is. And then another two. Like I’m saying, this is not a special operation, it’s brutal war here. We are meat here. And there’s f*ck all left of us.

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