Intercepted Call: “Even at night I’m dreaming of these… corpses”

Posted on 18 July 2022



Speaking to his grandmother, the Russian invader reveals why exactly he doesn’t want to fight anymore. To start with, his company has been reduced to nearly 25% of its original strength. Secondly, even spetsnaz (Russian special forces) are incapable of carrying out tasks competently. And finally, as his grandmother reveals, the soldier was given outdated paperwork for year 2007, which his layer called “cr*p”.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman 



(W): Are you in Izyum?


(R): Near Izyum. In a forest. We’re taking a forest.




(R): Yes. I’m not going there anymore.


(W): Why?


(R): Granny, we have 26 people left from our company.


(W): How many did you have?


(R): Nearly 90. I won’t be signing any more contracts.


(W): To hell with it. Did you sign a contract for a year?


(R): Why a year?! For 3 months, granny, I have 1,5 months left! […] Spetsnaz, one word – spetsnaz. They entered… we’ve been there for two days and nights. The spetsnaz entered, got their a*ses kicked in one hour and ran away. That’s spetsnaz for you. I don’t want to be infantry anymore… I’m sick of it. Psyche is being broken. Even at night I’m dreaming of these… corpses. F*ck it. We’ve been f*cked over with the money. By the state.


(W): That lawyer looked at your, erm, contracts. And said – “This is toilet paper, why did they give them papers for… 2007? What kind of paperwork is this? Are these contracts? These are not contracts, this is cr*p”, she said.

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