Intercepted Call: elite Wagner Group unit annihilated by Ukrainian army

Posted on 31 May 2022



Ukrainian defenders annihilated a large unit of Wagner Group mercenaries in Donbas. After liquidating an elite unit of the Russian Armed Forces, “ordinary” Russian invaders are afraid to continue fighting.

This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation between the invaders, which was intercepted by the SBU. No specific information about the location of the incident has been provided.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(R): This frontier that needs to be taken, they f*cking sent so many of those PMC guys* there. But there’s zero f*cking use of these PMC guys! All these f*cking PMC guys have perished there. It’s a f*cking spetsnaz, they’re f*cking well-prepared. They all f*cking perished… Well, not all, some useless leftovers remained. F*ck knows, I see no way out of this f*cking situation…

(W): F*ck them with their army.


* PMC guys – members of the private military companies such as Wagner Group

The Russian invader complaints he sees no way out of this situation when perhaps some of the most elite and well-prepared units of the Russian army are getting demolished. His wife agrees with his sentiment and suggests to get out of the situation.

Quite good advice. One of the ways to leave the invader army is to ring the SBU hotline and surrender. Phone number 2402 works for both Russian and Ukrainian operators.

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