Intercepted Call: “Companies have 10-15 people left in them”

Posted on 17 June 2022



In this intercepted call, two Russians are discussing the dire situation in their units. One solider is absolutely livid mentioning how engineers are forced to go as infantry while companies have 10-15 fighters left in them.


(R1)=Russian soldier 1 (R2)=Russian solder 2


(R1): Anyway, things are f*cking sad here. Here they had these engineers, who came here, 6 people, they were added to the infantry straight away. And today they went to speak about this, that they are refusing. That they are ready to go and leave, i.e. break the contract, they don’t give a f*ck.


(R2): F*cking hell.


(R1): And the boys who stayed here, a few people, they also, today or a day after, I don’t know, they are all leaving. To the military police, to the prosecution, this is it, they are quitting. […] Yesterday these f***ots came, the f*cking brigade zampolit, they came in in a big crowd. They came together and said – “you are going to infantry”. We told them collectively – “go f*ck yourself!”. Flesov flipped out, nearly smashed the brigade zampolit’s face. He was running away from him. […] Well just imagine this! F*ck this, this is ridiculous. They just decided we must go to infantry. That’s it! There are no f*cking people! Companies have 10-15 people. It’s a hopeless situation, you understand? I’m just…


(R2): Mhm…


(R1): They have data hanging on the wall in the headquarters – that our brigade’s staffing is 87%. Can you believe what these f***ots are doing?!


(R2): Mhm…


(R1): We won’t even have f*cking 10% here! F*ck this sh*t! […] Even if you come now as squad leads, you won’t have anyone to be working with. There are no sappers, no f*cking… no crews… at all… there are no commanders. That’s the situation…


(R2): F*ck.


(R1): And we’re sitting here, you see, we already morally so down, that I don’t know… Yesterday I nearly flipped out, I thought if these zampolit f***ots come… come once again, I’ll f*cking shoot these scumbags, here in the hangar… nerves are giving away, brother! Totally.


(R2): It’s obvious, I understand.


(R1): I just… you know? I can’t believe, I can’t understand – why, why are we not being withdrawn, b*tch, we have in each company… we have f*ck all left of the BTGRs, we have 10-15 people left. From our company, from our company here at the front, we have 7 or 8 f*cking people left. That’s what’s left of a COMPANY! F*cking nightmare!

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