Intercepted Call: “Before 24 August they will attack us with large forces”.

Posted on 19 August 2022



Russian soldier tells his mother he is worried that Ukrainians are planning a counter-offensive before or on 24 August. This is according to the reports they are getting from reconnaissance.


(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(W): Hello! Yes, Sasha, hello.

(R): Mum, hello!

(W): How are things, tell me?

(R): Not too great. Bad news!

(W): What happened, Sasha?

(R): Before 24 August they [Ukrainians] will attack us with large forces. There will be the independence day, right? They want to do a demonstration execution.

(W): In this case, some measures will be taken [by the Russians]. They will reinforce. Ours will come up with something now.

(R): Like one guy said here, God rest his soul: “We will all stay here”. He must be right.

(W): Everything will be fine, don’t worry, just don’t worry! I don’t think ours could allows this and let them go in like that. No, this cannot be.

(R): For all of this, our brigade commander must be trialled. He needs to be executed, f*cking scumbag! He wanted to keep us for the third term. C*nt! There are no people here, there’s nothing here. Scum! I wish his life was hell.

(W): Don’t worry! Everything will be fine! I don’t think they will let this [happen]. [You] cannot be left like a forgotten item, it won’t happen.

(R): They say, there’s so many of them [of Ukrainians], they will just roll over us, and won’t even notice we were here.

(W): Where would so many of them come from?!

(R): I don’t know. The reconnaissance reports this.

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