Intercepted Call: “Banderomobiles” in action against separatist forces

Posted on 19 June 2022



Two separatists discuss the latest news from their positions in this call intercepted by GUR. One mentions the so-called “banderomobile” or a “transit” – a civilian truck equipped with a grenade launcher capable of swift attacks. The other also talks about the state of the combat vehicles available to them – some are moving but can’t fire, others can fire but won’t move.



(R1)=Russian soldier 1 (R2)=Russian soldier 2



(R1): Got into a scuffle together with Dimon today.


(R2): Where?


(R1): There, on the “edge” *frontline*. We got fired at from an AGS *automatic grande launcher*.


(R2): […] Listen, how did you end up there? Did you at least fight back?


(R1): F*ck, what fighting back… […] You see what sort of bullsh*t it turns out to be – we have three people on guard here all day, and same there. No one can sleep, at all. If it was that some were here, others there *i.e. rotation*, but what we have is that three guys are on guard all night, and the four of us are here *guarding*.


(R2): Right. So basically – there’s no people?


(R1): No people, and the thing is that we can’t sleep, nothing… And then in the morning we went out with Dimon, they started f*cking us with an AGS. First landed in the field, then closer and closer, and then right at us. While we were in the yard… Some “transits” were driving around. They didn’t just attack us, they shelled someone else too.


(R2): They say that yesterday this “eagle” came here. In front of us somewhere there were Russian tankmen or something. One is 200 *dead*, the other is 300 *wounded*, they got f*cked at night by a sabotage group. They showed us everything *vehicles*, told us everything, there’s nothing useful, you know, to use. It’s all scrap! It’s either firing but not moving, or moving but not firing.

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