Intercepted Call: “All of our command wrote a refusal!”

Posted on 23 August 2022



The Russian soldier shares information about a complete refusal of his battalion to advance. This is evidenced from a new intercepted call. The location and time of the call is not specified however it can be assumed it is fairly recent. As it stands, the soldier’s unit was not meant to attack, but due to refusals in another unit they were ordered to attack, which resulted in casualties. Due to this, the soldier wants to get out asap and is seeking advice of another officer.

Watch with subtitles:

(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Other Russian man


(R1): Hello, comrade Major, greetings.


(R2): Hello.


(R1): Comrade Major, I have this question, if I write a refusal, does that mean I will be discharged?


(R2): Well, no one has been discharged yet.


(R1): It’s just that, we had an incident yesterday, we should have been going out, well, as support, but our command, they changed their mind on the go, and then the 17th regiment simply refused, and they told us that at 4:30 we will be leaving, they said this to us at 4 that we are going to advance. But we had nothing ready, nothing at all: no plan, “Who goes where and what, who will be at what position”, nothing at all, we would go with no one. And all of our command, the company commander, our battalion commander, they all wrote a refusal. And I wrote it with them yesterday. The f*ck do I need this for, comrade Major? Nothing’s ready, I don’t want to be meat. Will they just return me to the regiment? 


(R2): Yeah. A letter will come, then discharged, but I don’t know, I don’t think anyone’s been discharged yet.


(R1): If they don’t discharge me, then on the 15th I’ll write another report, I mean on 15 October, I’ll stay here for another two months and then get the f*ck out of here. […] also, some guy who was with us at this position, they sat on a tank… they had an arrival into the turret, he was 200 [dead] instantly.


(R2): For real?


(R1): Yes, and he’s barely been here for two months, he has a wife and a child, I’ve f*cking lost it.

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