Intercepted Call: “Alcoholics and security forces”

Posted on 21 June 2022



In this intercepted call, the discussion between two Russian soldiers reveals that offensive actions in Ukraine are not particularly easy for the invaders, mainly due to Ukrainians attempting encirclements, while the only safe space – behind, is taken up by alcoholics and representatives of security forces.

(R1)=Russian soldier 1 (R2)=Russian soldier 2



(R1): Rotation! Will there be a rotation for us?! Is anyone planning to replace us?!


(R2): Apparently they are planning… on the 18th.


(R1): The feeling is that they *Ukrainians* will soon encircle us, they’re bypassing us from all fronts.


(R2): How the f*ck is that?


(R1): Well… three kilometers away, where we stayed at the rabbitry, do you remember?


(R2): Yeah?


(R1): The hohols have already set up a camp there.


(R2): Goddamn it! And what can you do?


(R1): Eh, nothing. We’re holding for now, moving forward, but they must be sidestepping us.


(R2): And they are behind, yeah?


(R1): Yeah… In the east, and the west, we gathered in one place.


(R2): The whole brigade?


(R1): Yeah. We are moving in the same direction.


(R2): I saw, I saw.


(R1): Yes, yes, yes.


(R2): But what about behind, if they are setting up a camp, is there anyone of ours behind you?


(R1): Well, yeah, alcoholics, security forces, and alcoholics.


(R2): So nothing good, yeah?


(R1): Yes, yes, yes, nothing good.

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