Intercepted Call: “30 year old men are f*cking afraid of coming here”

Posted on 06 July 2022



In this longer than usual intercepted call, the 22-year old DPR mobilised soldier is chatting with his girlfriend, presumably at night as both are whispering. Explosions can be heard in the background as the soldier tells the love of his life about the loot he managed to salvage, including Android TV devices, though both are upset the TV he stole never made it back home. The soldier fully realises how the DPR mobilised troops are being sent forward to cover advances of Russian troops, while the 30-year old grown-up men refuse to fight, leaving the brunt of the work to 20-year olds like himself.

(R)=Russian soldier (G)=Girlfriend


(R): B*tch, how sick I am of them, how sick I am of this, just… losing my mind.


(G): Are they sending you back home finally?


(R): Nope.


(G): Will they be taking you away again?


(R): Whom – “you”? I’m just going home for a few days… so I could be at home. 


(G): So, not for good?


(R): What “for good”? Are you joking… Do you understand, everything depends on these f*cking Russians… We’ve been f*cked in the a*s for 8 years, and continue f*cking us…


(G): At least Mariupol is being rebuilt.


(R): To f*ck with this Mariupol… They’re all going to f*cking Russia. Russians are f*cking covering themselves with us. We’re stationed at the frontline. And these f*ckheads, f*ck knows where they are…


(G): Okay, let’s move on from politics… okay?


(R): Yeah… I just know that you all there… are lovers of this Russia.


*explosions in the background*


(G): Can you ask them to fire a bit more quietly? They are interrupting me *laughs*.


(R): Yeah, for sure.


(G): Go and ask *laughs*. Is that firing at you?


(R): No.


(G): From you?


(R): No.


(G): At you?


(R): No.


(G): Are you silly?


(R): What? No… There’s Ukraine. Russia. And DPR.


(G): I’m asking, is that firing at you? – “No”.


(R): Not at us.


(G): “Are you silly?” – “No”. *laughs*. Are they firing in the air?


(R): They’re firing at Ukrainians.


(G): So I’m f*cking asking, “is that firing from you?” – “No”. Danya, are you slow?


(R): It’s not us, and not from us.


(G): Who, then?!


(R): Russians. F*ck. We are not Russians.


(G): Mhm.


(R): Mhm. Anyway, I’ll tell you this – we are being royally f*cked over here.


(G): Why?


(R): Well… it turns out that… for us to stand at the frontline, we need to be getting compensation – 20,000 rubles. There is none. 


(G): Why?


(R): Because we are not here! There are no documents. No one will receive the combatant status.


(G): Why aren’t you rebelling?


(R): What are you gonna do? They’ll just shoot you somewhere and that’s it… You know as they say, the war will write off everything.


(G): Yes…


(R): It is true. […] I have at home a RAM stick for PC which costs 5,000 roubles, can you imagine?


(G): Damn… That’s cool…


(R): Yep. And also… in Yenakievo, an awesome device that connects to the TV… I think it’s some Samsung Android device… I just had no chance to check it yet. It’s great… And also I’m carrying two Android devices… one on 3.32, another on 1.8… Shame though the TV never made it. […] So we’ve been here for two months… while we must be rotated every two weeks. But it is not happening… You know why? Because 30 year old men are f*cking afraid of coming here…. they p*ssied out… And I am as a 20-year old must be here. For some reason, when I was coming here from Volchansk, no one was asking me, do you want it or not. It was just put as a fact, that I was going. And that’s it… No one was asking if I wanted to do it… and they didn’t look how old I was – 30 or 20… Anyway… […]


(G): To move… I need a car. Dad will come and have a look at this one, but I don’t know…


(R): There’s no point in buying…


(G): I need a hair dryer…


(R): You do…


(G): Hair dryer costs nothing though…


(R): I’ll bring it to you.


(G): Oh, don’t bother, you already brought me the TV! *laughs*


(R): F*ck, it’s a shame about the TV. F*ck, two TVs have burned…


(G): Bunny, until you bring it *hair dryer*… Do I need to shake my head?


(R): At least I have… two Android devices… f*cking awesome…

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