Intercepted Call: “$20,000 to demobilise”

Posted on 30 June 2022



Invaders (in this case DPR soldiers) are paying $20,000 to be “demobilised” from the war, this is evidenced from the intercepted call between a DPR man and his son. Unsurprisingly, this is too much money for the men, so they considered selling a car.

(R1)=Russian soldier 1 (R2)=Russian soldier 2



(R1): I’m trying to call Seryoga “Ryba”, to text him, you see? Maybe we can get to someone through him, he’s the only hope, to f*ck with this. Better to give the money, sell the car, f*ck this sh*t, we’ll earn more again…


(R2): Seryoga? Which Seryoga?


(R1): F*ck, “Ryba”! Seryoga, from the meat processing plant…


(R2): Ah! 


(R1): He’s *unintelligible*, you see?


(R2): I see… Look, they made it here and took two guys away, you see? So I wondered…


(R1): Took where?


(R2): To Donetsk! To a different unit…


(R1): To f*ck with these units! We need to get the f*ck out of here…


(R2): Demobilisation is $20,000.


(R1): HOW MUCH?!


(R2): $20,000.


(R1): Are they f*cking insane?! I know it was $2,000… but not $20,000!


(R2): When was it?!


(R1): Back when… when everyone was being swept up! It was $2,000!


(R2): Yes, when they were sweeping, but now, when the people are already here… of course. They now raised *the price*. Anyway, the certificate saying that you are unfit… is half a million (roubles). 


(R1): C*unts, profiting from this… I’m unfit anyway! By law… I’m not meant to be here at all!


(R2): I know that! Just don’t even think telling this to anyone!..

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