Igor Girkin with the Ukraine frontline update – 12 July 2022

Posted on 12 July 2022



Igor Girkin posts on 12 July a rather uneventful update to the situation on the frontlines in Ukraine. According to him, the operational pause of the Russian forces continues (this claim is challenged by Ukraine), and a number of artillery and missile skirmishes is taking place.

Nothing new at the frontline. The operational pause continues. Which does not exclude the artillery and missile strike exchanges. Our aviation and missile forces are trying to “take revenge” for recent high-profile strikes of our rear facilities. Today Ukrainians were hit a lot, and in many places. Sadly I do not have data on the effectiveness of these strikes but they likely inflict serious losses on the enemy.


In return, UAF dealt another blow with HIMARS, this time at the ammunition cache at the DZTO plant in the Petrovskyi district of Donetsk.


Once again they hit.


At Sloviansk, Seversk and Soledar directions our forces (according to numerous reports from open sources – the “title violin”* is played by “Wagner” at Soledar and Artyomovsk**) continue pressing the UAF. The enemy, in turn, is covering themselves with formations of own “mobiks”***, while professional and the most combat-ready forces are placed in the areas of the most dense residential build-up, where the main defence line is being prepared.


In the nearest future I’m still not expecting any significant successes in the Donbas. If it is exactly here where the main offensive actions of RF AF will be continued, they will once again come down to slow and bloody (for both sides) “gnawing” through the positions prepared in advance. Which in my view is beneficial for the enemy too (since at the moment they have a much larger human resource, and soon the weapons will come in abundance).


I currently have no information on any changes in the front line outside the Donbas.


*Wagner PMC is sometimes referred to as “musicians”


***mobilised forces

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