Igor Girkin with conspiracy theory about US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Posted on 29 June 2022



In a recent telegram post Igor Girkin invokes his FSB identity and questions whether the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was part of the US “World war” plan to “untie their hands” ahead of a conflict with Russia, which in turn got stuck in other conflicts around the globe:


A small remark:


Does everyone remember how just recently the propagandists of all sorts were blowing bubbles from happiness about the fact that USA was running away from Afghanistan with shame? Anyone?


How many were laughing and making triumphant cries about “cowardly Pindos*?” *Russian insult for Americans


I wanted to ask – so? How is it? Still happy?


I was personally writing and saying back then that while the USA are “stuck” in Iraq and Afghanistan we had time and chances to “break” the damned Ukr.


Instead, we got ourselves into Syria, Libya, Equatorial Africa and so on. We began arming Venezuela and Sudan, urgently throwing insane money to restore the military naval base in Tartus, and rushing with idiotic projects of building a naval base in the Red Sea… The Plywood Marshall *Shoygu* personally planned the assault of Tripoli during his meetings with similarly Plywood Marshall Haftar in Moscow and communicating with him on board of Kuzya *Admiral Kuznetsov* which has not yet burned back then…


And so on, and so on…


But when the USA (it should be noted – very rapidly and almost without material and human losses, while not caring about anything else) “untied their hands” – that’s when we finally went to war. Even then, to say it roughly – “half way in”.


And now we openly send into fight T-62 tanks and BMP-1 taken off of storage (praporshiks have long drunk away the tents prescribed via regulations while the generals in the ministry of defence wrote off the money for new ones and put it in their pockets), while driving around in our much more modern tanks and BMPs are various Assad’s guards and other Libyan scum…


Therefore it’s worth thinking about the question – “Was the urgent withdrawal of the bulk of US ground and air forces from Afghanistan a link in the chain of the World war planned by them?“ And have we not “played along with them in all respects in the implementation of this plan?”


Personally, for me as someone who over 15 years served in special services, such “coincidences” appear extremely suspicious… And I would really like to “question” someone about this.

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