Igor Girkin: Putin will end like Qaddafi, Russia will collapse

by | 15 Jun 2022 | Russian Accounts

Igor Girkin once again slams Russia’s leadership for inaction when it comes to mobilisation, says Russia will collapse and Putin will end like Qaddafi if nothing changes. Source video below with a quote starting from 00:00 to 02:55

… I applied to myself a moratorium on criticising Putin personally as a commander-in-chief at the moment, up until the end of this war. Therefore, if another shameful rout happens which will end up with our total defeat, then that’s one thing. Before that moment I presume we should not be provoking the situation similar to February 1917. But we still must clearly imagine and tell people about this, that if there is no change of at least a part of the team, which right now are not just thieves and thieves – they have no one else, and not just scumbags, but they also failed everything that was tasked to them – completely failed the intelligence, both political and military, the army is unable to fight properly, the FSB cannot catch the criminals who are running abroad in droves…


have you heard of one Gazprom top manager who joined the “Russian Legion” in Ukraine? Of course, it’s a fake structure but still. President’s press secretary names Urgant *a famous TV presenter* a “good patriot” who openly pours sh*t on Russia and openly supports Ukraine. He returned back to sell his property and no one is even trying to arrest him. It is also a question to FSB and anyone else, to the prosecution office… If this change doesn’t happen, Putin will at best end like Milosevic, in the worst case – like Qaddafi.


But sadly he is not alone, with him the whole country can end, and transformation of the Russian Federation into Libya where everyone is fighting everyone is more than likely, coupled with a partial foreign occupation and with a complete final collapse of the country, and deprivation of remnants of sovereignty, and any perspectives of returning this sovereignty. It’s also cold here – in the first winter we’ll have so many casualties that… no war has brought as many. So I hope there is at least some good sense remaining, and we will see the change of leadership, at least partial, and the martial law, and mobilisation, and generally adequate actions on both military and diplomatic fields. If that doesn’t happen, this “great team”, it can only steal, loot and lose. And won’t bring anything but the total defeat.

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