Igor Girkin on the effectiveness of Ukrainian missile strikes – 10 July 2022

Posted on 10 July 2022



Russian FSB Colonel and War in Donbass participant Igor Girkin publishes two messages on Telegram listing areas of recent Ukrainian missile strikes and asks when is the Russian command planning to start fighting in “full force”. He asked for maximum repost which we fully respect and carry out:

Original text can be found here

12:28PM, 10 July 2022


Today at 5AM and (again) 10AM the enemy carried out powerful missile strikes in Kherson. A day before similar strikes were carried out at Novokakhovska hydro power plant.


15:47PM, 10 July 2022


The enemy continues with powerful missile strikes in Donbas.


Most likely, the Russian air defence which previously relatively (quite relatively) coped with the attacks with “Tochka-U” and “Uragan” turned out largely ineffective against massive strikes of HIMARS missiles. Today once again burning and detonating is Shakhtersk. Worse than last time.


In the past 5-7 days over 10 large artillery and other munitions stockpiles were hit, several oil depots, around 10 command points and roughly as many personnel locations in our near and far rears. In addition to several air defence and artillery positions. This resulted in LARGE losses in personnel and equipment.


P.S. I am not writing this to inform ukrs *Ukrainians* about the effectiveness of their strikes – they know it better and earlier than me. And not to “gloat” (which all kinds of pseudo-patriotic scum accuses me of). But to ask one single question:


WHEN WILL THE RF AF START FIGHTING WITH FULL FORCE? I.e. when will destructive strikes be carried out at the transport system of the so-called “ukraine”, using which all these HIMARS, “777”, “Caesars” (and ammunitions for them) are safely brought unhindered to the combat zone?


Asking for maximum repost. I don’t need it. I’m not (yet) in the danger of the enemy missile strike.

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