Igor Girkin on shelling of Russian territory by Ukrainian artillery

Posted on 28 May 2022



Igor Girkin shares his infuriated opinion about continuing shelling of Russian territory by Ukrainian artillery. He mentions that to stop this, numerous battlegroups must be created with full support of reconnaissance, artillery and aviation – which is nowhere near happening, so Russians better get used to this.

The daily shelling of Russian settlements has become commonplace and does not even always end up in the internet top news stories.

In Kremlin – no comments. AT ALL. Only the governors of the shelled territories speak about shelling. It is clear to any person who has any understanding of military craft (not only those who finished the General Staff academy) that it is only possible to decisively end the artillery strikes on RF territory when the enemy is pushed 40-50 kilometers away from the border. No other way. Well… in our situation. In Iraq, for example, USA had deployed hundreds of reconnaissance and hundreds of strike UAVs always monitoring and clearing any threats at a distance of tens and even hundreds kilometers away from American bases. But that was USA, and that was in Iraq. While the USA were developing and launching THOUSANDS of vehicles of the new tactical aviation – we were conducting useless ‘tank biathlons’, replacing laminate for tiles in barracks, and catching pike in Tyva mountain rivers… So let’s come back to our realities and conclude: we have no mass unmanned tactical aviation, and the enemy can only be driven away from borders using ‘old day’ means, i.e. creating on ‘safe zones’ occupied by our troops on THEIR territory.


It seems that it’s a smaller matter now – just gather these troops, deploy them on the enemy territory and entrench at necessary operational depths.


However… this will require creation of more than just 12 new units and formations which our beloved invincible Plywood Marshall *Shoygu* pompously announced the other day (and which will be created someday!), but at minimum a few tens of new BTGs with corresponding rear and command structures, with artillery and aviation support, with anti-air and reconnaissance – basically with everything necessary to support a FRONTLINE (since the enemy, obviously, will not sit by idly).


Where to take these tens of new BTGs? That’s a mystery. There will be no mobilisation (as they state in Kremlin), conscripts are also not allowed to be sent to the frontline, fewer and fewer volunteers-contractors can be recruited every month (they are only enough to replenish combat losses). Tens of thousands of foreign ‘volunteers’ (i.e. mercenaries) are in no hurry to come to us (by the way, where are those notorious ‘Syrian volunteers’ promised by Shoygu directly and publicly to the president?).


Basically, we have a virtual mobilisation reserve of several million people, but in reality – a bunch of now badly battered staff units and formations, a similar bunch of PMCs and other ‘army surrogates’, Rosgvardia, rioting and running away at a hint of being used on the frontline, and Ramzan Kadyrov’s army.


So, dear Russians, get used to the fact that our territory will be constantly shelled  – and the longer it goes, the further and deeper it will be shelled. Such is the ‘c’est la vie’. We just need to be patient. The Donbas endured shelling for EIGHT YEARS. AND IS STILL ENDURING. And it’s fine… Sometimes they even launch fireworks on numerous holidays…

Girkin is right – few new BTGs are being created, and it still appears that Russian command is not taking the war seriously. However, this is the crux of modern Russia – giving weapons to hundreds of thousands if not millions of common Russians might mean sooner rather than later they will turn their guns against the regime. But, who knows if this concern is true – after all, this never happened immediately after the Second World War, and millions or common Russians went back to suffer under the Soviet yoke…

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