Igor Girkin lashes out at the Russian Minister of Defence Shoygu

Posted on 20 July 2022



Igor Girkin responds to questions as to why is he so critical towards the Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu who is claimed to not be responsible for the current Russia’s failure in its war with Ukraine.


Recently I’ve been receiving (not frequently but not rarely either) letters with the following reasoning:


“You are slamming Shoygu, accusing him of the fact that the army was not ready for war, that it has little of the latest armaments. But is Shoygu the main culprit? It was not him who was dealing with armaments, but Chemezov (note: CEO of Rostec), vice-premier Borisov (note: Deputy Minister of Defence in 2012-2018). They are the main perpetrators. And it’s not even him directing the military operations, but the General Staff, and it is the General Staff leadership that must be held accountable for the failure of the military operations in Ukraine”.


Well, I understand that the positions of the “asian crown-prince”, who quite frankly aims to be a “successor”, have been shaken so much now that the Subatai-Baatur’s Avatar (note: Girkin’s nickname for Shoygu referencing his heritage) now needs public defenders (there weren’t any seen before). And I respond:


What was the “fireman/reindeer breeder” responsible for at all, as was at the position of the Minister of Defence for nearly 10 years (if he “survives at his post” until November, there will be a round date)? If not for weaponry, not for leading the troops? Only for “tank biathlons” and construction of housing for the servicemen, or what?


No, friends, the person in charge of the department is responsible for EVERYTHING. The Minister of Defence is responsible for armaments, for organisation, for the deployment of personnel, for finance and for the rears – for everything happening in the Armed Forces. But in our situation when the war is not declared (and accordingly, the commander-in-chief has not created a special department for military leadership – the Supreme High Command Stavka), he is also the highest military official in the state. And in this status, he bears responsibility for military planning and commanding military operations.


And now, let’s ask ourselves, could such an individual continue leading the Ministry of Defence in a normal country, given everything that happened in the five months of the SMO? After it turned out that not only we have no strike and reconnaissance UAVs (and from those that we have, two thirds were bought by volunteers), not only there are no armoured vests and modern helmets for the personnel, but we do not have ANYTHING THAT IS BASIC?


All the deadlines for armament delivery have been completely failed. Moreover, we are simply unable to produce the necessary vehicles (given serious sanctions) in required numbers. The leading staff deployed under direct leadership of Sergey Kuzhugetovych are demonstrating an astonishing level of military incompetency (three successive defeats during crossing of Siverskyi Donets at Belohorivka are an obvious example, and there are dozens of examples like that). Wild understaffing of troops at the frontline (in places, 30-40 people in battalions!!! not militia, but regular contractors!), all while people are en-masse called to join various “light infantry” PMCs (formed under the auspice and at the bases of the Ministry of Defence), who is meant to be responsible for that?!


Let’s assume that S. K. Shoygu truly “couldn’t do anything – only thieves and bureaucrats all around”. What would an honest person do in his place? Perhaps not publicly, but he would go to the president (or sit next to him by the fire during a joint pike hunt in Tyva river) and say: “Volodya! I’d love to make a candy out of our army, but you see, your friendos are around who can only steal and won’t let me do it. Sack me! I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s idleness and theft!”. Did Sergey Kuzhugetovych do it? No, he didn’t. What he did was change the army uniform to the USA style, organised many PR projects in military style and posed at them actively for 10 years. He also replaced laminate for tiles as part of the “highest inspections” and constructed “the main temple for the Armed Forces” (which an Orthodox person is afraid to enter!).


And the fact that he took on the chest the highest order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First Called with Swords for “reunification with Crimea”? That is, for “military merits”, no? So he was in charge of the operation? Or was it “different” in Crimea, and we “don’t understand”? So he received orders for successful operations, but when the unsuccessful ones started, he has “nothing to do with them”? Well, we have plenty of people like that here… Whatever VIP official you spit at, they immediately yell – “what for?!”…


Not a word, not a sound was heard from the Minister of Defence in the five months about the real problems of the Armed Forces of RF at the frontlines of a new difficult war. The supplying and replenishment of the troops is at roughly the same level (without taking into account the heavy losses incurred). A large number of “refuseniks” at the front line units, there are no queues of volunteers at the enlistment offices, and many of those who come are turned back. And nothing is done to improve on this situation. Once again, what would a “suddenly honest” Minister of Defence do in the place of Sergey Kuzhugetovych? Perhaps, he would come to the president and say – “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovych! I can’t do this anymore! There’s not enough soldiers and officers at the front, we are moving from storage the vehicles from the middle of the last century! We are equipping the mobilised militias of the LDPR with Degtyarov’s machine guns of the 1928 model year, and Mosin-Nagant rifles from 1891! Declare mobilisation – we need to replenish and equip the army! And if you can’t, sack me, I cannot lead like this… we will lose the war!”.


After all, he could leave “due to illness”. But no! He’s flying around, awarding orders, giving away Heroes’ Stars in batches! Promoted Konashenkov for blatant lies…


No, guys, I will never have a “kind word” for this Plywood Marshall. Not for his “feats” during destruction of the USSR (in the inner circle of Bor’ka the drunk), not for complicity in the mass murder of the Russian people during the October 1993 coup d’état, and not even for the collapse of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (which was also turned in many ways into a PR service unable to carry out responsibilities during major natural disasters). But for him (following Serdyukov (note: Minister of Defence between 2007 and 2012) and his successors) turning our Armed Forces into a rabble incapable of defeating a serious enemy.


And also, I’m confident that while Plywood Marshall is “at the helm”, there will be no serious changes for the better. Regardless of how long and how much the honest generals, officers and soldiers get beaten and beat the enemy. The Plywood Marshall won’t let anything move. He is so greedy, stupid, envious, frivolous and vainglorious that he will consider any positive activity to be an attempt to get rid of him.

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