Igor Girkin – frontline update, 6-7 August 2022

Posted on 07 August 2022



Igor Girkin (Strelkov) provides two several updates on the frontline in Ukraine between 6-7 August. Today, he refuted his earlier claim that the Russian forces have advanced towards Blahodatnoe. The rest of his update appears mostly in line with what the Ukrainian sources are reporting, except for Pisky which is evidently still under control of the Ukrainian forces, and the Russian/L/DPR army controls only a smaller part of it. The comments on the losses on both sides cannot be verified either, but Girkin almost always says that the Russian forces are experiencing fewer casualties.

Update on 6 August:

On the Donetsk front our forces reported the full capture of Pisky. On the Siversk-Soledar-Bakhmut front the main efforts are concentrated on Bakhmut, street battles have been confirmed within the territory of the town. PMC Wagner is once again storming the town with support of the forces of the LNRand VSRF {armed forces of Russian federation}. It is set to become another “ghost town” in the near future. Without any strategic results. The enemy pulls back his rearguard units from the area north of Horlivka, where they have been flanked from the north. Pursuing them, DNR forces have occupied the settlement of Hladosove.


There are reports, that in the Kharkhiv oblast Russian forces have conducted artillery barrages to soften up the enemy before an assault (or something similar to this). If we are to speak about an offensive on the Kharkhiv direction, then this move is quite sensible, all things considered. However i do not know if there are enough forces for an offensive (but i know that large quantities of forces have been relocated to this area).


The enemy continues to increase artillery and missile attacks, trying to realise local advantages in long range MLRS systems.In the Donetsk district today another rocket artillery ammo storage depot (this time in Makiivka) was destroyed, in Kherson- yesterday several military facilities were hit. “Kamikaze” remote controlled drones are used alongside HIMARS. It seems that the enemy continues to hope to conduct an offensive in the region.It remains quiet on the Zaporizhya front.

Updates on 7 August:

Changes to the situation on the front:


On the Kherson front our forces have launched an offensive to the west of Snihurivka in the direction of Nikolaev [Mykolaiv]. I do not know how deep they have penetrated so far.


To the south of Donetsk our forces are attacking in the Vuhledar direction. the results are not yet known.


Assault operations continue on the Donetsk front, in the Bakhmut region, and in the Kharkhiv region. I have thus far not received any reports of any advances.


Yesterdays reports about the advance of our forces near Blahodatnoe could not be verified. During the course of yesterday’s battle our forces did not manage o advance and had to return to their starting positions. This was not an offensive – instead a “reconnaissance by fire”. Nevertheless, the enemy suffered serious casualties, greater than our losses. Today it is quiet on that direction.

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