Igor Girkin – 15 May – Kharkiv (Belagorovka)

Posted on 15 May 2022



Original post link: https://t.me/strelkovii/2553

Translation of a post by Igor Girkin citing another source who shared his amused (in a tragic way I suppose) opinion of the Belagorovka crossing disaster and revealed details of the General Stepanishev commanding in Kharkiv area.


As part of contribution to a successful implementation of the Second (Concrete) Stage of the Special Military Operation, the post by Murza which I referred to yesterday was removed. I don’t know why – whether because the cowardice and uselessness of the mentioned hero-general Stepanishev is a state secret (which is not surprising – such individuals are probably a majority by now, and not only in the Ministry of Defence), or due to poor morale impact of this fact on his current subordinates fighting in Kharkiv.

In any case, I’m forced to state that:

  1. I should have copied the text.
  2. Apparently (without any malicious intent) I’ve harmed the respected Murza with my repost (though I presume he was ready for this after posting).
  3. With satisfaction I can say that the military censorship is ‘on alert’. Not exactly where it is necessary, but ‘where necessary’ – we almost never do, not only in this area.

Here’s the post itself (thanks to moderators). I’ve removed/replaced swearwords:

‘I come to an unequivocal conclusion that there is no rational explanation for the desire of the entire hierarchy of our command from platoon commander to a general for the speedy loss of any wheel or tracked vehicles. This must be some kind of a basic instinct…

  • The military system is naturally aspiring to preserve its life as a Golem. The interests of a country are certainly not an option. To preserve the system in its current state PEACE is necessary. To achieve peace (from the Golem’s point of view) everything needs to be lost, and then the political authorities will be forced to sign Khasavyurt *Accord*. Otherwise, you cannot save mortgages, logs, and logs of logs. So there is a rational explanation.

This dialogue which occurred between myself and another individual a few days before the publication by Ukrainians of the scandalous photos of the crossing at Belogorovka, where clearly visible were destroyed or seriously damaged tanks and other armoured vehicles of RF AF, roughly one battleground in number. As I understand, during three attempts of organising a crossing the BTG worked as a target for Ukrainian artillery and possibly strike UAVs. Something was salvaged, but most of it is a burned scrap metal.

I already made a comment about this sad monument to a phrase ‘Go on then, there’s no one there!’ – those who saw Debal *2014 Battle for Debaltsevo* do not laugh in circus. I also made a comment and remembered another dialogue, now over a month old, where I acted as a wise man explaining the real state of affairs.

  • Murz, how is it possible? Did they make no conclusions out of Debal?
  • They did. Of course they did. They made a conclusion that EVERYTHING WORKED PERFECTLY! They did not draw conclusions from conversations with me or with you, but from their official reports. And in their official reports it said ‘network-centric capture of Debaltsevo in 3 days’. In their official reports, Colonel Stepanishev, callsign ‘Almaz’, had his leg shot by Ukrainians when he was leading his battalion into an attack, and not by militias who were lucky to survive after Colonel Stepanishev threw them in a marching column onto a Ukrainian strongpoint and they found themselves taking part in ‘reconnaissance by force’ in the moment when the head vehicle of the column blew up on a mine. An instead of tribunal, Colonel Stepanishev first gets an order and then becomes a General, and now he is taking part in commanding the RF AF group in Kharkiv direction. With expected consequences.

In general, the ‘second stage of the special operation’ is going in full accordance with the plan, yes.

And this plan is militarily short:

  1. Lose all vehicles, and any more or less trained personnel.
  2. Start wondering.

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