Details of the Yelenovka prison camp explosion released by the SBU.

Posted on 29 July 2022



SBU publishes a call in which two unidentified Russian men are allegedly discussing the events at the Yelenovka prison camp where an explosion took place in the morning of 29 July, resulting in deaths of dozens of Ukrainian prisoners. As we can understand from the call and the translation below, an explosive device was set up at the industrial wing of the camp where a number of prisoners was moved two days prior. Shortly before the explosive device was set off, a MLRS Grad complex placed nearby fired three 10-missile “packets” to cover up the noise from the explosion.

We cannot confirm the authenticity of the call in any way.


(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man 2


(R1): Hello. We have very bad news. Have you heard already?


(R2): Umm… now the news emerged that something arrived at you at Yelenovka.


(R1): This is all bullsh*t. They themselves hit the barracks. It had 200 people. Basically, two days ago they were resettled from the barracks, from the three barracks. The total number was up to 200 people. 190 and something. They were resettled for some reason to the industrial area, they made some sort of barracks there, boasting that everything will be taken out of here, and only “Azov” will remain there. Like, until the next wave *of prisoners* comes… So… Yesterday at night around 11pm the “Grad” started working… right under the fence… Well, around 100 meters from the fence, it was visible. 10 missiles at a time. The first 10 – resulted in an explosion. The next 10 also explosion. Third – explosion, so three explosions in total. The windows were not blown out anywhere, there was no characteristic arrival of a shell, no whistle. So there were only explosions. Right. A lot – “200”, “300” [dead and wounded]. We don’t know the exact number. Anyway, it’s all been set up, on purpose, you understand? Most likely there are survivors. Well, as I said, there are some medics from the hospital who were with us… they went there too…. Anyway, they said – “Guys, you are being killed”. You see? And also, there were three shots from the assault rifle. After all of this, the fire started… So yeah…


(R2): F*ck.


(R1): The fact that they set it all up themselves, the probability is very high, there were no arrivals. Like, first of all, if looking… *unintelligible* …it was after some time, not exactly when the “Grad” fired… to fire somewhere where people were resettled two days ago, right?


(R2): So they shelled the barracks with “Grad”s specifically?


(R1): No, the most likely have put this inside, there were no arrivals. I’m telling you.


(R2): The connection is poor, I cannot hear everything.


(R1): I see. They most likely set up an explosive device in advance…

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