Day 374, March 4th. Summary of #Arestovych and #Feygin daily broadcast

Posted on 04 March 2023



Summary of the livestream with Oleksiy Arestovych, former Ukraine’s Presidential Head of Office advisor, Day 374, March 4th. Kindly brought to you by Anastasiya: @Anastasiya1451A

Original video (in Russian):

⚡️Battlefield overview

⚡️Russian resistance in Bryansk & FSB’s lie

Feygin had an interview with the Russian volunteer who fights on the side of Ukraine and who crossed into the Bryansk region, declaring that they will fight the Kremlin’s criminal regime that is destroying the Russian people’s prospects.

FSB has tried to spread disinformation about Russian resistance fighters to portray them as “terrorists”, claiming that they wounded two people, then correcting their story and saying that it was just one man, a school bus driver. The “bus driver” story is designed for the American audience. While a yellow school bus is emblematic in the US, it isn’t actually used in Russia to collect and transport school students.

Arestovych thinks that the war started by the Russian regime will spread to Russia. More Russian partisans may start active resistance against the Kremlin’s regime and may use more drones in Russian territory. Many people are discontent with the Kremlin’s regime and people wronged by them, including Russians, Tatars, Chechens, Dagestani, etc. The Kremlin knows about the potential for separatist movements and riots in Russia and, therefore, Putin and Medvedev are complaining about separatism and division of Russia among Muscovites, Siberians, etc.


Russia keeps trying to encircle Bakhmut from the North and South, with the situation remaining very difficult with Ukrainian troops defending against more numerous Russian forces. Russian sources also report losing ground south of Bakhmut to the Ukrainian troops.

While Russian propaganda inflates the significance of Bakhmut and there is political & media importance to Bakhmut, all decisions regarding the defence or retreat from Bakhmut are made by the Ukrainian General Staff and military commands.

Even if Ukraine decides to leave Bakhmut, the Ukrainian troops will retreat to the next defensive line and will retake the town as it has liberated Lyman and Kherson before.

⚡️Mariinka & Avdiivka

Russians attempted to advance in Mariinka, with the town being completely destroyed by Russian artillery.

⚡️Vuhledar & Orehiv

Tactical battlers near Vuhledar. Minor battles near Orehiv. After already losing 150 tanks and APCs, Russians seem to be planning another attack on Vuhledar.


Russians are attempting to advance near Kreminna, with mixed results, no major gains, and high Russian human cost.


Artillery duels continue in Kherson.


Explosions were reported near several Russian military air bases in Crimea, potentially from drone attacks.


The Russian missile strike on a residential building in Zaporizhzhja left 11 dead, including one child, and more were wounded. Russia is murdering Ukrainian civilians, families in their homes, and children sleeping in their beds. Isn’t that the definition of terrorism?

This strikingly contrasts with Ukraine which is just defending itself and attacks Russian military units, not civilians or Russian cities.


⚡️Mobilization & fate of Russian soldiers

More videos from the Russian mobilized and their families are surfacing – mobilized and their wives complain about being sent to the frontline without training, equipment, ammunition, and artillery support. While Ukrainians are volunteering to fight and defend their land and to prevent another massacre like Bucha’s, with only the elite units used to assault Russian positions, the Russian mobilized are being thrown as cannon fodder to assault the Ukrainian defences.

⚡️Argentina, China & the Big Picture

Argentina has stated that it’s willing to renegotiate with the UK over the Falkland/Mal Islands, which may be an attempt to destabilize the West.

The US has sanctioned 28 Chinese companies over sanction violations and trade with Iran. This is a sign to everyone to avoid violating sanctions, including by trading with Russia. The collective West is showing China that there will be a harsh response and grave consequences for any country that aids Russia.

At the same time, the Chinese drone company, DJI, has halted its contracts to export drones to Russia. [The Economist reports China being furious at the Russian Government for not keeping the potential military cooperation secret, especially when China’s economy is dependent on trade with the US and the EU.]

⚡️Russian diplomatic circus

When giving a speech at a press conference in India, the audience laughed at Lavrov’s declarations of “Ukraine has attacked Russia”. Lavrov managed to keep poker face thanks to his long experience in this position.

⚡️Russian oil & gas

Russian oil and gas extraction fell by half and profit from the export fell by 46% in February. In June, the Russian government may not only lose its remaining army to the Ukrainian counteroffensive but also be unable to pay pensions and salaries to the Russian public workers.


The US and the collective West have called on Turkey and the UAE to end trade with Russia. Moreover, the American Government has warned about the criminal responsibility for any company that intentionally does business with Russia, even though a third party.

The Russian oligarchs who directly fund Kremlin’s regime are facing confiscation of property (luxury villas) in France. At the same time, Swiss bankers trying to hide Putin’s financial assets are facing criminal charges.

The EU’s Ursula von der Leyen has stated that there will be a special tribunal for Russian war criminals. The West has taken a strategic decision, aiming to hold the Russian regime and Russian regime collaborators accountable for their crimes.

⚡️Putin’s response to sanctions

In response to Western sanctions and the struggling Russian economy, Putin has signed a law allowing the confiscation and nationalization of Russian businesses that cannot fulfil their contractual obligations to the Russian military.

The association with Putin brings only misery to those who do it. The Russian oligarchs, elite, and populace should ask themselves why they chose to continue to suffer because of one man.

⚡️Tanks for Ukraine

The German Rheinmetall is planning the construction of a factory and production of up to 400 tanks a year German tanks in Ukraine. While this provoked another hysteric outburst from Medvedev, who threatened the German company with an Kalibr missiles, it’s entirely possible that by the time of construction Ukraine may not only have an air defence to protect the military-industrial complex but may become part of NATO.

Rheinmetall is also discussing the buyback of Leopard 1 from Switzerland to upgrade them and send them to Ukraine.

At the same time, the UK will send more Challenger tanks and other APCs than previously discussed.

⚡️The Western values

Scholz has met Biden in Washington DC, praising Germany’s help to Ukraine. While China may quietly try to negotiate with Germany and Belarus, both countries’ future development and civilizational prospects are aligned with the collective West.


Next stream is on Monday, 6th of March.

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