Day 328, January 17th. Summary of #Arestovych and #Feygin broadcast.

Posted on 18 January 2023



Summary of the semi-daily livestream with Oleksiy Arestovych, former Ukraine’s Presidential Head of Office advisor, Day 328, January 17th. Kindly brought to you by Volodymyr:

⚡️Arestovych’s dismissal

Arestovych was fired one year ago on the same day, the 18th. Now he is a free man. According to Oleksiy, this was a fundamental mistake that must be accepted. There is no conflict, and there will be no conflict in the presidential office. So while the war is going on, the President and his office are fully supported. After the war, Ukraine will figure out who did what wrong. 

⚡️Continuation of streams with Arestovych

The continuation of broadcasts does not depend on the status of Arestovych. 1.6 million people watch us daily. If people watch, they need support, so we need to continue. Even if two people were watching, it would be necessary to continue. Arestovych’s role is informational and psychological support.

⚡️Soledar and Bakhmut

Soledar. There is a regrouping of Russian troops. They want to surround Bakhmut and force the Ukrainian army to leave. The same tactics were applied in Lysychansk, Popasna. In Bakhmut, the terrain and defense structure are more adapted to protect the flanks. Gerasimov’s task is to take the entire Donetsk region by the end of March, and the number of Russian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine has increased to 340 000. 

⚡️The development of the war 

Ukraine is receiving new weapons and forming new army corps, and Feygin is asking if the Russians could hold a potential attack in Zaporizhzhia. According to Arestovych, now the task of the Russian Federation is to attack. Gerasimov is the author of the term hybrid war. The first time they tried to throw leaflets at Ukrainian soldiers happened only recently. However, there is no strike group at the moment. We should not expect a major offense from R.U. in the next 2-3 weeks. So we have to wait for a notification from the Ukrainian authorities. We will likely fight their attack and then start our offensive.

⚡️Valery Zaluzhny met Mark Milley

It was the first time Zaluzhny had left the country since the invasion. This is an indication that Ukraine is taking the threat from Russia seriously. Many different weapons and ammunition are required to continue the fighting successfully. The Netherlands wants to participate in the transfer of Patriot batteries. If each country gives one battery, it will be a divizion. 


Germany can produce 10-15 Leopards per year, according to Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung. Russia was making 100 tanks a year before the war. But modern armies do not need many tanks. Modern doctrine is more about aviation.

 Each country can give somewhere around 10-15. In general, 100 tanks is a real number that Ukraine can receive. This is good striking power. The number will increase as they are provided, depending on how well it will go. We would like it to be the delivers faster. They are slow but confident and systematic.


10th sanctions package. Loopholes will be closed for Russia. 70-80 oligarchs sued against sanctions, for example, Abramovich. McFaul-Yermak group is doing a very good job, but it requires time. They need to collect evidence, similar to an investigation. It is necessary so that there would be no problems in court.

⚡️Russia is withdrawing from the conventions

Russia is going to withdraw from the conventions, both for the protection of human rights and the fight against terrorism. The Russian military company is a continuous chain of human rights violations and war crimes. This refusal is another crime, and all lawyers related to that decision are war criminals. Feygin predicts that the next step would be introducing the death penalty and warns Russians that their country is returning to the USSR.

⚡️Kazakhstan limitations for stay

Now foreigners can stay for ninety days. Otherwise, a residence permit is required. The changes were made because of the Russians. Soon there may be a new mobilization, and Kazakhstan will adapt to the situation.

⚡️Kissinger and the world’s support of Ukraine

He was against NATO before the war. Now Kissinger says Ukraine can not be neutral anymore. More support is needed from the U.S. In Europe, 40-60% would like the fastest reconciliation at the cost of territorial postpones of Ukraine. Not good for Ukraine. Russian propaganda still works. 34-38% have the same position as we do – negotiations after the liberation of the territory. But Ukraine still has enough support,

⚡️Donations to the victims of the attack in Dnipro

Feygin channel has donated to people from the sale of their fan shop. More information is available in Feygin’s telegram.

The next broadcast is Thursday at 22:00 Kyiv time. So far, they will continue with the same frequency.

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