Day 304, December 24th. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast

Posted on 25 December 2022


by Atis

Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Anastasiya: @Anastasiya1451A

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🔥 Battlefield overview


Russian troops hit the centre of Kherson city with artillery, leaving at least 10 dead and about 60 wounded, many in serious condition. The first strike on the city centre was followed by another one on the residential area in a couple of hours. While the shelling of Kherson started one week after the Russian troops were expelled from Kherson, this is the biggest strike on the city – a pervert Christmas eve “gift” from the Russian Federation that claims that the people of Kherson as “Russian citizens”. The Ukrainian army will make Russian troops pay for their crimes against Ukrainian civilians.


Lukashenko is going to visit Moscow. The main objective is to synchronise with the Russian operations, giving logistical support, training and equipment to the Russian troops. For now, there are no indications of the Belarusian army joining the war. Another reason is the PsyOps creating panic and forcing Ukraine to keep troops in Northern Ukraine to prevent a potential attack from Belarus. Putin also wants to show dominance in the relationship with Lukashenko, as it was questioned when Putin went to Minsk to meet Lukashenko.

🔥The American support for Ukraine

The PM of Hungary claims that Ukraine can only fight while the US is providing support to Ukraine. While Hungary didn’t clarify what they meant by this, there are couple of remarks that need to be made:
-The US, as well as EU and G7, considers support and victory of Ukraine a global security issue, not only in Europe but also worldwide. Leaving Ukraine will lead to a loss of international status and put in question the American relationship with its allies in Asia & the Pacific region and Europe while enhancing the influence of China and other autocratic regimes. Thus, domestically, abandoning Ukraine would be political suicide for any US president
-It’s a question of values (which can be hard to understand for Orban, but nevertheless) – freedom, the value of human life & democracy are still key values of the Western civilization
-Ukraine will continue fighting for its survival and protect its civilians from Russian fascist invaders (responsible for massacres in Bucha, Mariupol, torture chambers, rapes and kidnappings). Even if, in an unlikely scenario, everyone abandons Ukraine, Ukrainians will fight and will get rid of Russian invaders.
-The US has already stipulated a $43B budget, $27B of which is for military help, for Ukraine in 2023. G7 is preparing another aid package. Thus, the West is going to support Ukraine next year.
Meanwhile, Obran is already being sanctioned (with EU funding to Hungary being cut) by the EU for his anti-democratic laws and for sabotaging war efforts and supporting Russian aggression.

🔥Rogozin & backstabbing in Russia

After Rogozin was wounded while invading Ukraine, he remains bitter about his comrades betraying him and transferring the info on his location to the Ukrainian side. Betrayal and murder are common occurrences amongst Russian ranks as the Russians frequently resort to murder to solve routine disputes and power struggles amongst elites.

🔥Wagner using cannon fodder

The cases of prisoners recruited by Wagner being sent into battles without body armour and helmets are increasing. This is an indicator of severe problems with equipment and gear in the Russian army, raising doubts about the future mobilization potential of Russia.

🔥Russian preparing another missile attack on Ukraine

Russia is preparing another missile attack on Ukrainian critical infrastructure and residential areas – 2 ships and 2 submarines carrying Kalibs missiles are preparing for launches in the Black Sea. Russia is having problems with the dwindling supply of Kinzal missiles, resorting to older and less precise X-series missiles.

Moreover, explosions in Kursk and Engels left Russia with 4 fewer strategic missile carrier-ariplanes, which is the main reason for the reduction of the number of missiles in the last couple of attacks on Ukraine (from 100 to 60-70).
Even if Russia stages a mass attack with 150missiles Ukraine will recover, while the Russian stock of missiles is depleting.

🔥Iranian drones & ballistic missiles

Russia is trying to buy ballistic missiles from Iran, with Western allies putting diplomatic pressure on Iran to stop helping Russia in its attack of the Ukrainian civilian population. Iran has already supplied about 1700 Shahid drones to Russia, 500 of which were already used to attack Ukraine.

🔥Wagner seeking media attention

Wagner is trying to seek media attention, domestically and internationally, to increase its policial weight in the Kremlin’s regime, resorting to lies and public executions with a sledgehammer.

🔥Department of Operation planning of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Arestovych is expressing gratitude and notes the essential role of the Department of Operation Planning of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as they are key for the success of military operations.

🔥Saving Saakashvili

Saakashvili’s health status is deteriorating while the current Georgian pro-Russian government keeps prosecuting him in his hospital bed. There is a worldwide action that is being prepared to pressure the Georgian authorities to stop the mistreatment of Saakashvili who is being poisoned while in custody.
The plan of action will be discussed during Monday’s stream and if you want to help to save this man, who fought Putin, there is something that you can do. Stay tuned.

🔥Seasonal greetings from Feygin & Arestovych

Arestovych and Feygin are wishing Merry Christmas to all Christians and non-Christians, reminding them that this is a celebration of the whole of humanity – saving humanity through teaching them love, caring, responsibility and compassion.

Next stream is on Monday, 26th of December.

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